Sunday, August 3, 2014

Adventure of the Seas - Stavanger, Norway, Part 6

We got back to shore at about 1pm.  From the fjord ferry, we boarded the ship for a quick lunch.  After lunch, we dropped off our kids at the Adventure Ocean and we headed back to shore to explore the city centre.

This was the sign at the gangway.

There were some outdoor markets set up.

That's the ship.  This place is very walkable. The ships dock right in the town centre.

The sky was getting cloudy.  It would rain later.

There was a church, but we didn't visit.  I think it was under some renovation.

Video - walking around Stavanger, Norway.

There were pedestrainized streets to explore.

The infamous M-arches.

I didn't recognize most of the brands.

I don't think the stuff was cheap.  Anyway, we didn't really shop.

A cafe.  See the prices.  Latte - 42/48 Kroners. (7.5USD/8.6USD)

Oleana - Made in Norway.  A local brand.

Cafe, al fresco.

Not that many people walking around, but the shops were open.

Oh, I see a LEGO sign.  Likely to be a toy shop.

Street - Ostervag.

A map, if you're lost.

We started to walk back towards port.

Not sure where these buses go to.  But we weren't taking any today.

This was a shopping complex.

McDonalds.  McFlurry for 25 Kroners - 4.5USD.

I went into a McDonalds to take some pictures of the prices.   Big Mac Meal for 85 Kroners or 15 USD.

They had these less expensive meals - 50 Kroners or 9 USD.

The McDonald's from the outside.

We also walked past a Burger King.

The Whopper Meal was 86 Kroners, one more kroner than the Big Mac meal.

Stavanger Taxi Service - A Toyota Prius

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