Sunday, September 29, 2013

Izumi Speciality Restaurant - Royal Caribbean Legend of the Seas

Izumi is an Japanese themed restaurant, and a new addition to the Legend of the Seas after her revitalization in early 2013.  Like the other speciality restaurants, a cover charge is payable.  We dined here as we bought the Chef's Dining Package.  This time round, we brought our children as well as my parents.

It was more of a family-style dining.

This was some soup.  Fairly bland and not every memorable.

Tempura - ok, just average.  Those green beans are rather addictive though.

Sashimi.   It was decent.

Some sushi.  The soup in the background.

Plenty of soup and noodles.

More fried stuff.

This carpaccuio type of dish was not bad.

We had a lot to eat!  I enjoyed this platter.

We also ordered this hot-stone.  Some have complained that the stone isn't hot enough to cook the meats.  We did manage to get the meats cooked.  Quite a large portion.

We had the seafood set as well.  There was a lot to eat, in fact, we over ordered.

Finally, the dessert trio.  Not bad, but nothing fantastic.

Overall, while the food at Izumi was decent, it was not of exceptional value.  Coming from Singapore, we do get very good sashimi and sushi. However, the evening was still enjoyable as this was our first time at the Izumi, and the kids liked the food plus the Japanese rice.

Safe travels!

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