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Austrian Arrow Flight OS 348 Helsinki to Vienna 2010

Updated (6 Oct 2013)-
This is a 13 minute video, showing taxi-ing, take-off and landing. Enjoy!

This was a flight in early 2010, winter time in the Northern Hemisphere.  Now, I come from Singapore - a small, sunny, tropical island, one degree north of the Equator. We can wear T-shirts and Bermudas all year round.  This was quite an experience!

The flight was on Austrian Arrow, from Helsinki (Finland) to Vienna (Austria).  It was a cold, cold morning. Very exotic experience.

Here is the boarding pass.

A good number of flights out of Helsinki that morning, to the various European cities.

It snowed overnight.  We naively thought that we had an arrow bridge.

No bridge.  We were bussed to the plane, and had to board the plane in the snow!

It was a Fokker 70 Aircraft.

Managed to grab a few shots as it snowed.

Nice angle.  Those jets look small.  But the plane wasn't too big.

In the plane, a window seat, looking out.

It sure looked very cold. Actually, it was freezing.

Glad I'm onboard.

Austrian Arrows Fokker 70 Aircraft.  Neither Boeing nor Airbus.

Still very cold.  Were we ever going to depart?

Hold on, what's that?

Oh, they had to de-ice the wing!   Green fluid being sprayed, lots of.

Alright, finally we are taxi-ing.

You can just make out the words 'Helsinki Vantaa'.

Breakfast on board.  Not bad, for such a short flight.  The bread was served warm.  Very nice.

I ate it all!

Pilot reported that it snowed overnight in Vienna too.  Look at that view!

Eerie, yet so beautiful.  Something we never get to see, coming from sunny and tropical Singapore.

We had landed, and this was the bus we had to take to the terminal.  Again, no bridge.

But that gave us good opportunity to take a few photos!
 Wonderful photos for keeps.

Don't worry, the bus didn't leave without me.

It was a most interesting experience!  (Though I didn't miss the cold)

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