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Chef's Table - Legend of the Seas Royal Caribbean (March 2013)

Royal Caribbean Legend of the Seas Cruise Ship.  We boarded the ship from Marina Bay Cruise Terminal, Singapore.

Before the cruise, we had purchased the Chef's Table Package. Below the the Chef's Table menu, located in the Main Dining Room but cordoned off for some privacy.  Chef's Table was held every night, if they could get enough customers.

We decided to do the Chef's Table on Day 1 of the cruise.  This was our confirmed reservations, delivered to our Stateroom.  The meeting venue was at Schooner Bar.  They start with a round of champagne. We were only brought to the venue at about 7pm.

Chef's Table Menu for this sailing.  5 courses, paired with wine.  We were told that the Chef's Table would only open if they had at least 8 customers.  However, they opened it for only 6 that evening.  We were seated together with a group of four very bubbly ladies from Australia.

These were the wine glasses laid before us.  There would be plenty to drink tonight!

The Sommelier and the Chef.

Chef Rudy was from the Philippines.  He was giving his welcome speech!

The Sommelier introducing the breads.

They were nice, but don't eat too much of them!  The food was yet to be served!

First Course - Lobster and Alaskan King Crab Leg Salad

Sommelier was introducing the wine that was paired with the first course.

This was the Alaskan King Crab salad.  It was really good.

 When I looked up, I saw forks, spoons and knives.  Rather neat!

Second Course - Soup Trio

Sommelier introducing the wine that was paired with the soups.

 Three small servings of soup.  From the left, a nice mushroom soup.  The right was a green soup! It was called green pea bisque and it tasted nice, though unusual.  The centre was the beef broth - the weakest of the three, in my opinion.  Perhaps, in our Chinese cooking, we have tasted many good chinese style clear soups and hence this wasn't really up to mark.

Third Course - Chinese style Duck Roll.  The Sommelier was introducing the sake that was paired with this dish.

I realised that I didn't care very much for sake.  Oh well.

The Duck Roll was good!

As the evening went on, we all started to have our favorites, where the wines were concerned.  It was great that we could ask for more of our favorites, and basically not drink the wines that we didn't care for.  Good stuff!

Fourth Course - The Lamb! 
Usually, I don't take lamb.  But this was the best lamb I have ever tasted, and, I would like to have it again some day!  Truly exceptional.

 My wife didn't want the lamb, so they made some salmon for her.  The salmon wasn't bad, but wasn't exceptional either.

 More pictures of the lamb.

Dessert Time - The chef introducing the dessert.

It wasn't great.  We have had better desserts on board Royal.  Then again, it wasn't a disaster either.  Perhaps, by this time, we have had too much good food!

 There we have it, the Chef showing off his dishes.  (Including the chocolates!)

It was a wonderful meal.  In my opinion, it is definitely worth trying at least once, for the experience.  Beware that it is a long affair.  We start at 6:30pm in the Schooner Bar and we were done only at 10:15pm thereabouts.  A great evening, nonetheless.

Safe travels!

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