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Brilliance of the Seas - Oman City and Mosque Tour (Dec 2011)

On the second day of our Oman stay (we had an overnight on the Brilliance), we used the same comany (Mark Tours) on a City and Mosque tour.

We had to be conservatively dressed to enter the mosque.  That included headscarves for ladies.  This was taken outside the mosque.

This was the doorway into the mosque.

This gives you an idea of the acceptable attire.

Some visitors were just chilling out with a drink at the cafe.

I found the small fountain pretty.

This is inside the mosque grounds.  A beautiful and tranquil place.

A bright and sunny day.

Another angle.

Bright and sunny.

Loved the fountains.

Ladies in their headscarves.  Long sleeves were also mandatory, as with long pants.

Beautiful exteriors.

Almost like a magical garden.

Following the guide into the prayer hall.

Prayer Hall- For Women
This was the prayer hall for women.  Men and women prayed at different venues.

The blue carpet was specially laid out for tourists to walk on.

Nice ceiling, notice the air-conditioning vents.

Intricate doors.

Now, we head to the main hall of the mosque, where only the men can pray.

Very intricate stuff.

A peaceful place.

Quiet day.

Beautiful archway.

Once inside, you see this huge chandelier.

And many smaller ones.

Again, the blue carpet was laid out.

 Intricate artwork.

This gives you a sense of how big the hall is.

 The hallway.

Back outside.

Very pretty in the radiant sunshine.

 Notice the double archways.

 The gardens, as we head back to our ride.

The mosque was very tranquil and beautiful. Definitely worth a visit, if you are in Muscat, Oman.  Only in the Middle East, would you see such beautiful mosques.

Safe Travels!

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