Saturday, September 28, 2013

Clan Restaurant - Jalan Bukit Pasoh Rd

Family went to the Clan Restaurant this evening, to celebrate my birthday.  This restaurant has garnered many positive reviews in recent times.  So, we were looking forward to the experience.

The place was not difficult to find.  However, parking may be a problem. Fortunately we arrived quite early, before 6:30pm.  Even then, there was only one lot available (street parking @ 50cents per half hour).

We had made a reservation and were swiftly brought to our table on the second floor.  This shot was taken on the way in.

We were seated at a quiet corner.  The restaurant was fairly large, seating capacity should be 100+.  Close to our table was this wine chiller.

The friendly waiter quickly brought out a lime sorbet to wash the palate.  Very refreshing.

This was the menu - 6 course Dinner.  For kids under 12, they had a kids' menu (3 course dinner), which was very good. 


This was the Chef's Starter.  The right most dish was Chawanmushi.  The middle was some scallop thing and the cup on the left was some fried fish wrapped in a roll.  All very tasty.

A closer look.

The Cold Dish - Alaskan King Crab with seasonal greens.  Very good stuff!  My wife and I had the same.

The Side Dish - Tempura Soft Shell Crab.  Wife had this and the kids took many bites!

My side dish - the Herb Crusted Mushroom Escargots.  Very delicious.

Soup - Crab Bisque & Prawn Twister.  You drank the soup straight from the cup.  It was a rich soup.  Wife wanted a clear soup, so she chose the Chicken Consume.  Kids had the Mushroom soup from the main menu.  The waiter told us it was a complimentary upgrade for them.  The mushroom soup was very good. (sorry, forgot to take a picture)

Kids' Menu - Main course was either the Fish Fingers or the Teriyaki Chicken.  Servings quite fairly large. This was the Fish.

Kids Menu - This was the Teriyaki Chicken - a solid piece of tasty chicken meat.

Main Course - Wife chose the pork.  It was not bad.

Main Course - The beef on the hotstone!  This was their signature dish.  A very generous serving of very tender beef, which you have to cook on the hot stone.  It was delicious, and my boy took a couple of pieces!  (Be careful not to touch the stone, unless you want to cook your finger.)

A closer look at the rare beef.  Don't worry, the stone retains enough heat to cook it very well.

A video of the beef, sizzling on the hot stone.

We had told the waiter that this dinner was to celebrate my birthday.  So they brought out a nice slice of cake with the words - 'Happy Birthday, Daddy". A nice touch.

Dessert - Chocolate Lava.  Our waiter said that this dessert beat all the others hands-down.  Furthermore, he kindly 'upgraded' our kids' dessert to this Chocolate Lava.  Again, a very nice touch.  The dessert was awesome and a great hit with the kids!

Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience.  The restaurant is highly recommended for a nice dinner, reasonably priced given the quality of the food.


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