Thursday, September 18, 2014

Singapore Airlines SQ 305 London to Singapore (Sep 2014)

I flew on SQ 305 from London back to Singapore.  It was a day flight.

Check out my flight video.  Some Star Wars characters make a special appearance.

Model of Emirates A380, on the way to Heathrow Airport.

Check in was very quick as the airport was relatively less crowded during this time.  The security lines were also very short and we cleared those in 15 minutes thereabouts.  This was the transit area.

There were still some empty seats.

After wandering around and picking up some stuff from Duty-Free, I still had a good 1 hour before it was time to board.  I decided to try out a restaurant.  This one looked very interesting so I decided to give it a go.

The menu.

Not very sure what to eat.  Originally I thought of getting a spaghetti.

Then, the Puccia Burgers caught my attention.  The red dotted box.  I ordered the Beef Puccia.

What about drinks?

A closer look at the drinks menu.

Oh yes, here is the beef puccia.  The description made me hungry.

Ah yes, the beers.  I got the Peroni.

This restaurant was located opposite Harrods, Terminal 3.  You can't miss it.

Here was my pint of Peroni.  Awesome stuff.  Very smooth.

Darth makes a surprise appearance!!

And here is the burger with fries.  The patty was done perfectly.  What a great burger!

And Darth had to appear with his storm-troopers.

That was my bill.

Time to go to the gate.  Didn't want to miss my flight home.

Here I was at the gate.  SQ 305.

The Qantas A380 at the other gate.

Oh, was this my seat?  Sadly no.  Business class seats, these are.  I am in Economy today.

I guess I had to make do with staring into the Business class cabin.

Drinks service.  I asked for the Singapore sling and a Diet Coke.

Oh!  May the Force be with you!

Thanks for reading!

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