Friday, September 12, 2014

Mandarin Kitchen, Lobster Noodles, Bayswater London

Mandarin Kitchen, Bayswater London.

This rather famous restaurant is actually located neared to Queensway Tube station, but Bayswater Tube station is just a bit further down the road.  This place was really popular.  Despite being a weekday night, we had to wait for more than an hour before we got a table.  I guess being a rather big group didn't help.

This is the menu, all in pounds of course.

That was the menu.  Now we come to the food.   Before that, these apparatus were for the famous lobster noodle.

This was the lobster noodles, served first.  I think there were 3 lobsters here.  The server kindly portioned it out for all of us.

This was my portion.  Tasted pretty good, though not fantastic, in my opinion.  I think it all depends on whether you like lobster.  I am not really a big fan.

My portion from another angle, showing more lobster.

Those were the lobster heads.  Yes, there were three.

Here are the rest of the dishes.  Veggies.


Some tofu.

I think this was pork rib.

Char siew.

The restaurant was very crowded on a weekday night.  Very popular. Overall, I thought the food was good, but not fantastic.  Try it for the lobster noodles, if you haven't tried that before.  The rest of the dishes were average.  The duck at Four Seasons was definitely a notch above this duck, though this duck wasn't bad.

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