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Bayswater, Queensway, Four Seasons - Roast Duck

Bayswater, Queensway, London.

Bayswater, Zone 1 London.  This is a popular haunt for Asian students and it certainly brought back plenty of memories during my short visit in Sep 2014.  I stopped there briefly just to walk around and to see what had changed.

Check out my video.

I arrived at Bayswater tube station, on the Circle Line.  This place certainly looked the same from 15 years ago.

Of course, the advertisement would have changed.

The tube network from this station. District and Circle lines.

Right outside the Tube station.

From the tube station, this road leads to the Whiteley's shopping centre.

Four Seasons chinese restaurant.  Famous for its roast duck.  They also have 2 other branches in London Chinatown.

This place looks the same!

Yes, Bella Italia has been around forever.  I don't remember every dining here during my student days and I didn't intend to dine here today!

Whiteley's shopping centre.  This place is quite historical.  Apparently, when built, it was the first shopping centre of its kind in Europe!

The place wasn't that big.  Here was the store directory.

I kept walking.

Just opposite Whiteleys.

This is the famous duck rice.  As I was alone, I decided to live like a student again.  Just order a plate of duck rice for dinner.  The serving doesn't look big but it was certainly enough for my dinner.  The portion of duck was fairly generous.  As expected, the duck tasted very good.  I recall paying close to 8 pounds for this.

This was the menu from the outside.

The best roast duck in the world, so they claim.  Well, I am not sure if this is really the best but it was certainly very good, if not excellent.  That said, I was told that the roast duck in Hong Kong tasted better.

From the outside.  Note the takeaway packs.  Quite common for takeaways.

Another picture from the outside.  Notice the TIGER beer advertisement. Tiger beer comes from Singapore.

After dinner, I continue my walk.

Sainsbury local, just next to Bayswater tube station.  I think this wasn't around during my time as a student.

Kam Tong Restaurant - any good?

See the cyclists on Boris bicycles.

Still rather early.

Oriental Supermarket - they sold some interesting stuff in there.

That was Royal China, another famous chinese restaurant known for dim sum.

Mandarin kitchen, known for lobster noodles.  Check out my other post for some pictures of my dinner there.

Not sure how good this New Fortune Cookie was.

At the junction.

Bayswater hasn't changed much.  Wonder if there are re-development plans for this area.  I heard there were.  This was Zone 1 London after all.

Here is the link to my post on Mandarin Kitchen - Lobster noodles.

Thanks for reading.

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