Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kensington Close Hotel, London

Stayed at the London Kensington Close hotel during a recent trip to London, UK.  The hotel is very conveniently located near the High Street Kensington Tube station.

Here is a video of the common area as well as the room.  The rooms are small, but that is typical of London.

View from the outside.  A red-brick building.

The bar and lounge area.  This area got quite busy during the evenings.  A nice place to relax.

The lobby area.

This hotel attracted tour groups.  Tour coaches unloading tourists just outside the hotel were fairly common.  Here is the luggage of a particular group.

The hotel had a small cafe, with speciality coffee and snacks for sale.

It was called caffe Musetti.  Prices below.  Reasonable pricing, which was somewhat surprising.

You can get traditional afternoon tea at the bar lounge.  Quite tickled by the gentleman's afternoon tea - comes with wine or ale instead of tea!

Pictures of the breakfast area.

This was early in the morning, therefore it wasn't ready.

The stairs leading up to the breakfast area.

The lobby area at the far end.

Lobby - early morning.

Very empty, early morning.  I was awake because of jet lag.


Some pictures from the breakfast.   It was buffet style.

Slice fruit was always refreshing.

Orange juice.

Cereal selection.

Ham, fruit, grapefruit.

Spreads, butter, buns.

The hot stuff.

The same, everyday.  Mass production and very efficient.

Overall, it was a pleasant stay.  The hotel is very conveniently located.  Also, I could walk to Kensington park in the early morning for a stroll, and that was really lovely.

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