Monday, October 7, 2013

Qantas Flight Boeing 767 Brisbane to Sydney 2002 (Pictures of Brisbane and Sydney!) [Part 2]

Part 2 - a continuation of our Qantas Flight from Brisbane to Sydney in 2002.  It was a short flight, about 1 hour.  These pictures are of Sydney and our landing.

That's Sydney down there.

Must be some suburb.

Great view from up high.
Looks great to have water front houses!

Wished I had a house with a yacht nearby.

That must be Sydney CBD, with the tall buildings.

Real awesome views!

No wonder I couldn't stop taking photos.

So grateful for a window seat this morning, at the correct side of the aircraft too!

Loved it that the flight path brought us over Sydney.


Look at that, isn't that a runway?

It is!  In fact, I think we were going to land there.  That must have been Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport.

Approaching, landing shortly.

Yups, almost there now.

Some industrial site.

Now we see some houses.

Over the water now.

Flaps full!

Hey mr Oil Tanker!

Over the runway.



Touchdown (I think).

Spoilers up. (Are they called spoilers?  Or wind brakes?)

Control Tower, Sydney Airport.

Taxi-ing to our gate.

I hope you enjoyed this set!

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