Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cathay Pacific Flight Shanghai to Hong Kong June 2011上海香港

This was a Cathay Pacific Flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong, June 2011.

It was a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-ER plane.  The plane was clearly designed for long-haul flight and was very comfortable.

At Shanghai airport.

The terminal was very big.

 Plane watching - an Aeroflot jet.

Kid on the plane, after boarding.

It was a B777-300ER.  This is a long-range B-777.


Boy having a good time watching the world go by.

In the air.

Just 2 hours to Hong Kong.

Kid enjoying the IFE.

Sumptuous kid's meal, for a short flight! (Loved the Tim Tam)

 The other kid, enjoying her chocolate.

The adult's meal.

FAs serving passengers.  Efficient service.

Wife loved the green tea.

 Short flight, but very enjoyable.

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