Sunday, October 6, 2013

Driving from UCLA Sepulveda Graduate Apartments to UCLA Anderson - 20th April 2007

This set of pictures were taken in April 2007.  Yes, I was driving when the pictures were taken.  Probably not allowed, so please don't report me.

It provides a snapshot of my commute to school.   For almost 2 years, we lived in the Graduate Apartments at South Sepulveda.

Looking at it now brings back many memories.  

That was the Albertsons that we got our groceries from.  It was near enough to the apartments that we didn't need to drive.  Many fond memories of that place.

This was very near our graduate apartments.  I hardly went to the Coffee Bean though.

Waiting behind a truck.


Can't remember what this was.

Entering the 405 shortly.

Driving along the 405.

Santa Monica Blvd Exit.

On the 405.

The funny thing now is that I can't remember why I turned off Santa Monica Blvd that morning.  It certainly wasn't the turnoff to get to school.  Maybe it was for fun?!  Or more likely I was driving on the right lane, taking photos, until it was too late (and unsafe) to filter leftwards..... (hah!)

Traffic.  Anyway, I think once I got off the 405, I got back on again.

Yups, this is the ramp back onto the 405.

Approach my turnoff, Wilshire Blvd.

Taking the right lane to turn off.

Turning off Wilshire Blvd.  A busy day on the 405.

Turning off the 405.

Veteran Blvd.

I remember this very busy junction.

Kinross Avenue.

Hmm, what's this?


Westwood Village.

Driving along, on campus now.

Another STOP sign.

Stop, pedestrians crossing.

My trusty Garmin.  Heading to Carpark 7.

Many pedestrians.

UCLA Anderson - Collins Centre for Executive Education.

I think I'm on foot now.

Walking to school.

Up the stairs.

The courtyard.

It all looks very familiar!

How time has flown.  I'm glad I decided to take this set of pictures on that fateful day in April 2007.  Happy to share it with all of you.

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  1. How funny, I used to live in the apartment building right across the street from that Albertsons. In fact, I was just in that store last week as I still live in the area.