Thursday, October 3, 2013

DragonAir Shanghai to Hong Kong June 2012 上海 香港

上海A good flight from Shanghai to Singapore.

This time, this leg was operated by DragonAir, a wholly owned CX subsidiary.

Shanghai Pudong Airport - a huge place.

A Lufthansa 747.

They had a small kiddy playground, good for young children.

A sprawling terminal indeed!

American Airlines - One World Livery.

See the DragonAir plane behind?  That would be our ride to Hong Kong.

The DragonAir plane.

Turning into the gate.  A Continental Plane at another gate.

On board - the Dragonair Story.  They are a subsidiary of CX.  Honestly, I had never heard of them, but they turn out to be rather good!

This was an Airbus A330.

Menu for the meal service.  It came in a card.  How interesting!  They even had Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream on such a short flight.  The main course of Sauteed Diced Beef with Black Pepper Sauce and Steamed Rice was supposedly from some famous restaurant.

The opposite side, in mandarin.

This was the child's meal - impressive!  They even bothered to make a bear bun,

Another shot.

Loved that bun.  So cute, but soon to be eaten up by my kid.

Food for the children.  It was quite tasty too.

Nice cup.

Another shot of the same cup.

Oh dear... oh dear....only the head left..... (kid had to show me, for effect)

Cold prawns. (from kid's meal)

Dessert! (from kid's meal)

Adult's meal.  If you noticed, the kid's meal had more stuff, plus a fancy bear bun.

This was the highlighted dish in the menu.  Tasted was pretty good.  Had a glass of red wine to go along.

Upon arrival at Hong Kong, we had a 2 hour layover for our flight back to Singapore.  Some pictures of the airport.

On board the CX B777-300ER back to Singapore.

Adult's meal.

The food on the DragonAir flight tasted better!

For the kids.

Safe travels!

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