Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fly Scoot! Scoot Away to Sydney, Australia, Dec 2012 (澳大利亚悉尼)

FlyScoot!  We took advantage of Scoot's launch and managed to snag cheap fares for our family to Sydney, Australia, in Dec 2012.  The return flight cost about $600/pax.  

The Big Yella Fella (Scoot's idea of fun) 
This picture was taken at Sydney Airport.

Inside the Scoot cabin.  We didn't purchase these yellow seats (more legroom) but two of us were given them.  See our neck pillows, for the 8 hour flight.

Much more legroom on the yellow seats, compared to the blue ones.

Kid having a meal.  This was the soya chicken rice.  Food is rather expensive on Scoot, compared to AirAsia.  The taste wasn't great too.

Factory looking, isn't it? It even has a batch code.

At least my kid could eat the food.

This was at Sydney Airport.  Emirates A380.

 Sydney Airport, Departure area, after immigration.  This was on our way back.

 Sydney Airport, Departure area, after immigration.

 We had Macs before boarding the flight back.

This was the bill, self explanatory.

A shop in the terminal.

There was our ride home.

Caught this jet star jet.

 More jets.

Boarding pass, for flight home.  Flight TZ1.

This time round, the plane was called 'Barry'.

Hey Barry, bring me home!

All the pax waiting to board.  You'd be amazed how many pax they can squeeze into a B-777!

 Here is how they do it.  It is a 3-4-3 configuration.  On a typical B-777, it is a 3-3-3 configuration.

This was a meal.

Now, I figured out how to hold the small Evian bottle. Isn't that neat?

The Scoot flight departs Singapore at an unearthly hour (almost 3am).  However, the flight was very cheap, compared to a full service carrier, perfect for the pocket. 

If you are interested in cruising, why not check out our Celebrity Silhouette 13N Med and Adriatic Seas Cruise (Nov 2013). 

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