Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hoshi Japanese Restaurant IMM - Teppanyaki

We had a very good Teppanyaki dinner at the Japanese Hoshi Restaurant located at IMM.  It is on level 3, right beside the travellator.   The restaurant looked like it was recently renovated.  They had 2 Teppanyaki stations that could seat eight.  The other station was empty.

This was the set-up at the table.

A view of the restaurant from our Teppanyaki table.  It wasn't so full at that time but it got more crowded later in the evening.

A short video of the Teppanyaki action.

The chef came by and started to bring out the food.  We would be having prawns and scallop tonight.  Those look like nice and big juicy prawns.

These were the condiments and dips served.

 A side salad to start.  Nice, crispy and refreshing.

As we were having our salad, the chef was preparing the teppanyaki wok. You can see the very large surface the chef has to prepare our stir fry.  This was going to be fun.

As our kids were with us, and they were hungry, we asked the chef to cook the fried rice first.  That request was acceded to. After preparing the wok, which included several rounds of using oil and spreading the oil, the chef cooked a large chunk of chopped garlic. The garlic browned very quickly and gave off a very nice aroma.

In this picture, you can see the browned pile of garlic at the bottom left of the picture.  I reckon that part of the work has very little, or no heat.  Now the chef started cooking the rice and meat.

Cook, cook and cook.

Eggs.  That's how fried rice gets its yellow look.  I think he used seven eggs for the rice.  (Watch the video)

 This was the result.  It was really delicious!  (Also a very big serving)

Another look at the fried rice.

As we ate the rice, the chef started cooking the cod fish.  He put it in a circle.  Fun to watch.

Pieces of cod for me, nicely browned and very tasty.

While we feast, the chef begins work on the next dish, the scallops.

The end result.  Very nice.

Now for the prawns.

Chopping the heads off.  He lined them up in a row.  Also the tails came off, thrown away.

A very sharp knife.

Prawns, very succulent.

We got some heads too.  You could suck the juices out, if you liked.

That's the raw beef.  It looked very raw but it wouldn't be raw for long.

Chef slicing the beef into small bite-sized pieces.  The beef cooked very quickly.

We asked for the beef to be well cooked.  It was very nice.

Veggies to end the meal.

That was my serving of veggies.

We had ice-cream, tea/coffee to end.

A very pleasant meal.

Safe travels!

PS: This meal was not sponsored.  We paid for it.

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