Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rakuchi Japanese Restaurant (Oasia Hotel) - Set Lunches

Had lunch with some friends at Rakuchi Japanese Restaurant Restaurant.  They have a few branches in Singapore and we went to the branch at Oasia Hotel, Novena.

This was the entrance.  It wasn't too crowded, about 3/4 full.  The restaurant has a seating capacity of about 40-50 max, not very big.

The menus are displayed outside and we were told that there were decent set lunches.  I took some photographs of the sets.  You can see the prices.

Kushiyaki - $26.60 (before taxes)

Wagyu Steak Set - $38.60 - I think this was available for dinner as well.

A sumptious spread for $48 - available for dinner

Alright, back to the set lunches, which were less expensive.  This set (assorted semi-grilled sushi) for $28.60.

Other lunch sets, all for $26.60.  The sets all come with salad and sesame ice-cream.

Let's Get On With The Eating
Now, let's get on with the actual eating please.  Chopsticks.

The side salad to start with.

Sashami to start with.  The fish was fresh, though the portion size wasn't very big.  Still, it was sufficient. There was a lot of food to come.

Kushiyaki - Grilled Skewer Set
Nice presentation and good taste.  Some of the meat was a bit fatty, but you could take out the fat strips, so that was fine.

A closer look at the 3 grilled skewers.  Definitely very tasty.

This was the Tokubetsu Set, same price.  Very pretty presentation, a work of art!

Overall, it was a good lunch. Given lunch prices nowadays, I think the cost per person wasn't unreasonable, given the ambience, setting and food served.  Would I go there again?  Yes, if I wanted a nice Japanese lunch.

Safe Travels!

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