Sunday, April 27, 2014

Roti @ Clementi Town Centre (Good value!)

Roti @ Clementi Central.

This is a new bakery set up just opposite the Clementi Mall, two shops away from an existing bakery called Baker Talent.

A rather quaint shop sign.  I still can't figure out what those figurines are.  Flying elephants?

There was a good queue (longer than Baker Talent).  On closer look, I understood why.  The bread was going for very reasonable prices, as you will see.

The Swiss Roll / Buns you see where were 60 cents.  The Swiss roll serving was really large, for 60 cents!

The Nachos Cheesy Chicken Sausage was 90 cents.  Snow White Donut at 85 cents.

Chicken Luncheon Meat at 95 cents.  This must have been almost the most expensive piece of bread they were selling!  Just 95 cents.

Chicken Ham & Cheese as well as Char Siew Chicken Prosperity Bun.

I think the shop was quite new.  Running some promotions.  Apparently the usual price was $1.20.

We decided to try some. I got the Chicken Luncheon Meat bun.  I ate it immediately.  It tasted really good.   The bread was soft and fluffy.  The piece of luncheon meat was also of a decent size, and very tasty.   My wife had the red bean bun (60 cents) and she told me it was very good, for 60 cents.  We bought some Swissrolls to be consumed the next day (put them in the fridge).  Those tasted pretty good too.

For the price, you certainly get a lot of bread.  Highly recommended!

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  1. Is the location near MRT China Town? Two weeks ago I went to Singapore for first time and bought two breads from bakery 'ROTI' near MRT Station China Town. I thought that it is very best bread I ever ate in Singapore. One day before I was back to my country, I wanted to buy that bread again so I came to China Town area using MRT but I forgot which exit area near the bakery. I hope someday I can go to Singapore again and buy another bread from that bakery. :)