Thursday, May 8, 2014

Red Ring RedRing Wanton Mee (Holland Drive)

This looks like a rather famous wanton mee!  It is located in a holland village coffee shop, close to the NTUC.  Unique name, Red Ring.

Here is a recent video where my family went to Red Ring for lunch.  The food was good.

A family recipe?  Sounds like this is a worth a try.  The Chan family's home made recipe.  The sauce contains some secret recipe. Well, the proof is in the eating.

This is how the store looks like, one corner of the coffee shop.

Looks like 8 days magazine has reviewed this store.  The pictures look delicious.

There's the price list.  I chose the RedRing spicy, $3 portion.

This was what I got.  The portion size was decent.

A closer look at the won-ton mee.

How did it taste? Very good.  I do like dried won-ton mee and I eat this dish quite a lot.  Indeed, the sauce tasted a bit different.  The fried won-tons added a crunch, albeit not the most healthiest way to eat wonton. The noodles were very well made.

Would I eat it again? Definitely yes.

Safe Travels!

PS: This meal was not sponsored.  I paid for it, no discounts.

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