Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SQ 322 Deflated Tyres

On Saturday (19 April), London bound Singapore Airlines Flight SQ322 was made to turn back to Singapore Changi Airport because the air-conditioning units on board the plane were not working. Yes, they use air-con units on the plane, the pilot can't open the windows.

The plane landed safely at 3am, however the tyres deflated. Not a pretty sight! The plane couldn't taxi to the aero bridge, so passengers had to alight onto the tarmac using the old-fashioned stairs and be bussed to the airport.

Why did the types deflate?
The plane landed with a near full load of fuel, recall the plane was on the way to London. The A380 can carry more than 300,000L of jet fuel. I am not sure whether the plane was beyond the maximum permissible weight to land, but since SQ said that safety was not compromised, so I shall take their word for it.

Safe travels!

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