Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Celebrity Silhouette - Silhouette The Show

Silhouette The Show

Date - Thursday, November 28th, 2013
Location - At sea, on the way to Catania

This was the final sea day of our cruise and tonight, the Celebrity Production Singers and Dancers would be putting up Silhouette The Show!  Quoting from Celebrity Today,

"Silhouette - The Show is a theatrical and imaginative journey, showcasing world class speciality acts amidst light, shadows and special effects."

Yesterday, the Cruise Director told us that this show was specially created for the Silhouette and we could only find it on the Silhouette.  Sounds like this was not to be missed!

The electronic billboard, outside the Silhouette Theatre.

We were not allowed to take video, audio, and flash photography.  I figured we could take still shots without flash and so I did.   Here are some snapshots from the show.

The speciality acts were very good.  At first, I thought they were be the normal juggling and other such circus-like acts.  However, these performers brought acts like juggling and balancing to a whole new level.

There were many aerial acts as well.

Two guys.  Don't drop off!

That was a production singer being hoisted up high.

The show lasted a good 45 minutes and it was fast-paced.  There was always a major act going on.  Not much by way of singing.  It was really all about theatrics.

Overall, it was a wonderful performance. I certainly have not watched anything like this and I hope I can get to watch it again in the future.

Highly recommended, if you are on the Celebrity Silhouette!

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