Friday, December 27, 2013

Malacca Part 3 - Jonker Street Night Market

Malacca Part 3 - Jonker Street
This is part 3 of our visit to Malacca.

After visiting the Navy Museum, we continued walking, towards the shopping centres.

The shoppin centers were ahead.

My wife loved these Roasted Chestnuts.  So we bought a packet.

Later that afternoon, we went out again to check out a dessert store near the hotel.

Walking along the streets.

Harper's Restaurant and Lounge.  No, we didn't eat here.

Hard Rock Cafe.  It was very new.  The restaurant was not yet opened when we were there, though the retail section was open.

Yes, we found the Lao Qian Ice Cafe.  Quite an interesting set-up and rather popular.

Most were tourists, I think.

Here was the menu.  All in Malaysian Ringgit.

This was our serving of Durian Cendol.

That's the bill.  Ah, the date is clear.  17th Aug 2012, 2:32pm!

Those are pineapple tarts, being produced for sale.

We took a walk along Jonker and surrounding streets.  Came across this plaque.

Yeah, you have very big muscles.

We were looking for a pineapple tarts shop.

Welcome to the Jonker Walk!

There we are - Madam Goh's Pineapple Tarts House.  It was a let-down though.  The pineapple tarts weren't very good.  At least we tried.

Later that evening, after the sun had set, we went out to the Jonker Street night market.  I'm not sure how often there is a night market though.  This is a food store.

It was called Jalan Hang Jebat.

Many stores selling food and various snacks.

Very brightly lit.

Magnets for sale!

Many food stores too, and many were well patronized.

A good crowd, enjoying the atmosphere of the night market.

Walked past this cafe and bar, called the Geographer Cafe.  Interesting place.

Here is something very local - Radish cake.  We have this in Singapore too.  We call it Fried Carrot cake.

Poh Piah.  Same stuff available in Singapore.

After a short but fun stay, it was time to drive home. I used my GPS to guide me back to Singapore.

Note that Central Malacca to the N-S highway takes about 1 hour.  The distance is not very far (I think 10km or so) but the roads are usually rather jammed.

Yes, follow the signs to the N-S Highway, though we would be heading in the direction of Johor Bahru.

Jams, as I said.  Just be patient.

Just before the N-S Highway, there was a shopping complex where we stopped for food. This was the Old Town Cafe.

A rather commercialized place but we ate there anyway.

AEON, one of the supermarket chains in Malaysia.

Terimah Kasih (which means Thank you).  Please come again!

On the way back, we met some heavy rain.  Turn on your headlights!

Other than the rain, the drive back to Singapore was smooth.

The End.

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  1. The night market at Jonker street is such a delight! I wanted to shop much more...just that there wasnt enough place to carry stuff back. Did you shop and bargain there?

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