Saturday, December 14, 2013

Celebrity Silhouette Apple iLounge Video

Celebrity Cruises ties up with Apple.  They have an iLounge on board many of their ships.

I took a 2 min video of the iLounge on the Silhouette with my iPhone.

Here is the clip.

We used the free minutes (Elite coupons).  The connection is ok, if you are just checking emails and other applications that are not data intensive.  Facebook was a pain (too many images!)  The prices for iPad Minis and iPads were good.  We considered getting an iPad but they ran out!

Here are some pictures of the iLounge.

The iLounge are open 24/7, however they are not always manned.

Please refrain from eating or drinking in the iLounge.  They also put up many signs saying that 'system will continue to charge your account if not logged out properly'.  So, pay attention to your log out process.

More iMacs for use.  You could serve Royal Caribbean websites to check out your next cruise!

Some of the Apple accessories available for sale.

Reduced Prices.

These are the pricing options.  If you intend to use your Captain's Club coupons, the easiest way is to approach a staff to help you get it set up.

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