Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Emirates A380 Singapore to Dubai to London

We were off on a holiday! This time, we are flying with Emirates for the first time, flying on the A380.  It was going to be a very good experience.  Our destination was London.  We would have to fly Singapore to Dubai, have a 2.5 hour layover, before an onward flight from Dubai to London.

Flight video - Singapore to Dubai

The flight from Singapore departed at 9pm local time.  We would arrive in Dubai at 0100hrs local time.  The flight to London was 0310hrs local time.  Flight time from Singapore to Dubai was about 7 hours.  We experienced some delays getting into Dubai because the airspace was congested.  Our plane was put on a holding pattern for 30 minutes.  Maybe Dubai needs a new runway too!

After we landed, during our layover at Dubai International, we had burger and fries at Shake Shack. The burger was freshly prepared and tasted good.  After the burger, we had to make our way to the departure gates for the flight to London.  We had to take a shuttle bus.  The journey was quite long but we had a great view of the airport and the many big planes. Check out this video I made.

Video - Shake Shack Dubai and Airport Bus Ride

This video was for the flight from Dubai to London. Another good flight on Emirates.  The Economy class experience is certainly a superior one.

Flight Video - Dubai to London Flight

Even though the flight departed from Dubai slightly late, our arrival in London was on time.

I am Singaporean and I am a big fan of Singapore Airlines, having flown with them many times. However, I must say that the Emirates Economy class is as good, and in some ways, even better than SQ.

One clear example is that the Emirates In-Flight Entertainment system is better and more user-friendly.  It is a touch-screen (SQ's KrisWorld is not) and the screen is even larger than SQ's.  They also have the airshow (cameras to watch outside) and I like that very much.

Thanks for watching!

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