Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pizzeria Napoli in Bocca, Naples, Italy

Pizzeria Napoli in Bocca.

We had read about this Italian pizzeria in Naples on TripAdvisor.  Apparently, it was very famous and quite highly recommended.  Therefore, while we were in Naples, we asked a cab driver to take us to the famous pizzeria which had 5 Euro pizzas.  In fact, for 5 Euros, you get a pizza AND a drink.

For the drink, you could choose from Italian beer, Coke, Coke Zero, Still Water, Sparkling Water, Fanta, Sprite and even Red or White wine.  Very good value.

The pizzas were freshly prepared.  There were only two choices, Margarita or Marinara.  Essentially, one was with cheese and one was without cheese. The pizzas were rather large thin crusted pizzas.  Two of such pizzas were enough for my family.

The place was near the cruise terminal, which allowed us to walk back rather easily. In my opinion, this place is definitely worth a visit to try out the pizza, if you are in the vicinity.

Check out the restaurant website -  http://www.pizzerianapoliinbocca.it/

Take note, we paid for the pizzas.  Not an advertisement here.  Check out the video.

Thanks for watching.

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