Thursday, December 12, 2013

Swiss Air - Rome to Zurich to Singapore

Swiss Air
LX 1733 - Rome to Zurich
LX 179 - Zurich to Singapore

This was the return flight from Rome to Singapore via Zurich.  A short movie clip can be found here.

This was after our wonderful cruise holiday on the Celebrity Silhouette.  The ports of call included Livorno (Florence & Pisa), Corfu (Greece), Kotor (Montenegro), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Venice, Naples and Catania.

In Rome, we stayed at a B&B called Quod Libet.  We arranged for a private transport to the airport through the B&B proprietor. The cost was 62 Euros for the 6 of us in this Mercedes Van.  The journey from the B&B to Rome FCO took 45 minutes.

We arrived at the airport very early, and the check-in counters were not yet opened.  There was a sign saying that they only opened 2 hours prior to the flight and we had arrived about 3 hours before departure. Thankfully, the counters opened about 10 minutes after we had arrived.

Checking in was smooth and we cleared the security very quickly because there were no lines.  This was off-season in Rome so the airport was not chaotic (unlike what you read on online reviews).

We proceeded straight to Gates D as our flight would depart from there.  We found the area and headed upstairs to a self-serve cafeteria for some dinner.  This was the receipt.
The Merlot was surprisingly good. Very smooth and easy to drink.

The chicken was ok.

The coffee was good.

The Lasagne was very good.  Big serving.

These were wafer biscuits that we had bought from a supermarket (Coop) in Venice.  They were not expensive and tasted very, very good!  Coop brand.

A picture of the self-service restaurant at Rome Airport.

Waiting at gate D8 for departure to Zurich on LX 1733.

Airbus A320 Aircraft.

Just took off.  Flying over the ocean.

That's the snack we got plus a drink.  It was a salami sandwich.  You could ask for a vegetarian option, which I think was a cheese sandwich.

It didn't look very appetizing at all.  It was cold.  I had a couple of bites and that was it.

Onboard, one of the Swiss flight attendants, a male, told us that he had just been to Singapore about 6 days ago, for work.  He said we were landing at the European Terminal in Zurich, so we had to take the people-mover to change Terminal.

The aircraft landed very smoothly in Zurich and was on time. We were in for a surprise. The Captain said that ground temperature was 1 deg C.  We thought there would be an aero-bridge but we were wrong!

"Daddy, there is a bus!" My boy was the first to notice that after the plane had stopped, there was no bridge.  I peered out of the window, and true enough, there were two buses waiting and a vehicle with the stairs pulling up to the plane.  It was going to be cold!  (Bear in mind we are from the Tropics!!)

Walking down the stairs.  It was cold, but fun.

Walking down the stairs.  Be careful!

This was the second bus.  The first bus was full and had closed its doors.

Welcome to Zurich! (Why no aerobridge?)

More passengers getting off the plane.

Look to the right, there was a family with a stroller.  I assume they had to open up the cargo hold and take out the stroller for the family.

You can see the stroller.

Still struggling with the stroller.  It must have been really cold, standing out there.  Hmmm.. what if it were snowing and below zero?

I assume that machine on the left that is connected to the plane must be some type of generator, to power the aircraft now that the aircraft engine has been switched off.

Another young kid coming down the stairs.

Zurich Airport.  It looks very posh, like an upmarket shopping street.  The airport was rather quiet. Unfortunately we didn't have time to browse the shops.

Branded goods.

Swiss Chocolates.  Next time, I hope to have some time to shop here.

Store looks interesting.  We didn't go in though.  We were heading to Gates E.

This was the people-mover station.  We had to change terminals, from the European to the International terminal.  I must say that the total distance walked was quite far.  From the time we entered the European terminal (after getting off the bus from the plane) to the people mover then to our gate for the flight back to Singapore, I think it was a good 20 minute brisk walk.  We were walking quickly because we did not want to miss our connecting flight!

We reached the gate in good time.  Took a short break (went to the toilets) and soon it was time to board.

Managed to snap a picture of Edelweiss Airlines.  I have not flown with this airline before.  Any good?

De-frosting the wings.  There was another Swiss Air plane, also under-going the same treatment.  This delayed our take-off by about 15 minutes.

Fun to watch.  No such de-icing where I come from.

Swiss operates the Airbus A340-300 for their long-haul.

Taxi-ing to the runway.

The plane had to de-ice before taking off.  Check out my short video -

 Child's meal, served shortly after take-off.

Adult's meal.

They served a second round of drinks which was very nice.  I asked for a beer and this is what I got!

Good stuff. 

This was breakfast, served about 2 hours before landing.

Final approach into Singapore Changi on a rainy and cloudy evening.  Look at the ships!  Those on the left are so much bigger than those on the right.

Overall, it was a pleasant flight back from Rome to Singapore, though we were caught with the cold because we had no aero-bridge upon landing in Zurich.

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