Friday, November 1, 2013

Fat Man's Belly Almost Hitting Tray Table on Aircraft

Fat Man

This guy was so fat, his tummy nearly reached the tray table in front of him.  There was no way he could open the tray table and have a meal. 

Maybe I am from a different culture but I was quite stunned when I saw the passenger next to me, for this short-haul flight in Europe.

Perhaps there is a very good reason why he is so fat, I do not know.  However, I think it is quite a reminder of how we all ought to take care of ourselves and watch our weight. 

I apologize in advance to all fat people who may be offended by this post.  I mean no offence.  Peace.

This was during meal time.  As the tray table could not be used, the middle seat's tray table had to be used.  This worked out just fine. 

I guess flying in Economy would not be very possible for this person.

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