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Singapore Airlines Business Class SQ 321 London to Singapore October 2013 (including SilverKris Lounge Heathrow)

SilverKris Lounge London Heathrow Airport
SQ 321 London to Singapore
Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class

After a most hectic Business trip, it was time to go home.

Flight Review Video.

London Heathrow SilverKris Lounge Video
We booked private transport which picked us up promptly from our hotel near King's Cross.  The traffic was heavy, and often we came to a standstill.  It took us 1 hour to get to Terminal 3 at Heathrow.  Fortunately the ride was very comfortable (it was a big van just for 2 of us) and I slept almost throughout the entire journey.

This was a nice model at the staircase landing near the entrance of the lounge.

Now, we re-wind to the time we arrived at Heathrow Terminal 3.  From the drop-off point, you could see that it was a busy evening.  I think most evenings would be like this.  Many cars/vans dropping off passengers.

There was a huge line outside the Terminal.  When I saw the queue shortly after getting off the van, I thought the Airport was so crowded that we had to queue right out into the open for check-in!  Fortunately I was wrong.

The line was for VAT Refunds and the line was at least 200 passengers long, snaking around the open area. Looks like many tourists have done plenty of shopping and are now trying to claim a VAT Refund before departure.

Here is the video I took of the queue -

Inside the Terminal building, this was the line for SQ Business Class. There was nobody in line so I was served immediately.

There were 2 flights to Singapore that evening, one departing at 2030hrs, the other departing at 2205hrs. The earlier flight was on the Boeing 777-300ER.  The later flight was on the A380.

Singapore Airlines is part of the Star Alliance network.

After a swift check-in, it was time to clear security.  Now, this can be a nightmare at Heathrow and the lines were really, really long!  Fortunately, I was able to use the Fast Track.

Even then, Fast Track took me 20 minutes.  The Airport was just very busy indeed.

I walked for a short while around the Transit Area and noticed that it was also very crowded.  Almost every chair in the public area was taken, and the restaurants were also almost full.  Heathrow certainly has very good business!

I made by way to the SQ SilverKris Lounge, also called Lounge D.

Beers available in the chiller.  A decent selection.  Of course, Tiger was a must.

Some cookies and biscuits available beside the coffee machine.

Some of the teas available as well as hot chocolate.

Those are condiments for the hot food - Nasi Lemak!  Nasi Lemak is a fragrant rice dish cooked with pandan leaves and coconut milk.  It is very popular in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Riau Islands of Indonesia.  Some say that it is the national dish of Singapore, but that claim is not technically accurate. I believe Singapore has no one national dish, but we have a melting pot of dishes that are Singaporean, including Chicken RiceRoti PrataLaksa, Chilli Crab and of course Nasi Lemak.

The lounge had a small selection of hot food. This was vegetarian option, some curry and Bee Hoon. (or rice vermicelli)

This was the Chilli Corn Carne and white Jasmine Rice.

A closer look at the condiments. To the left of the cucumbers, that is ikan bilis (anchovies).

There was a screen inside the lounge.  I also heard lounge announcements when the SQ flight was boarding.

I was famished that evening.  We headed straight to the airport after our last business meeting and I hadn't had anything to eat since noon.  So this was very comforting indeed.  Nasi Lemak with spicy chicken wings, beer and red wine!  I can't remember exactly why I chose the Stella Artois and not the Tiger.  Maybe I wanted to try something different.

Round 2 of dinner - Bee Hoon with spicy chicken wings plus wine.  I had to remind myself not to eat too much because there would be food on the plane!

There were crisps at the counter, but I don't recall anybody eating them.

The liquors and wine were behind the bar counter.  You had to ask the counter staff for assistance.

This was the Business Class wine list.  Choice of Chilean and South African Whites, Chilean and Argentinian Reds.  I had a Red, but I can't remember which one, probably the Merlot.

Some fruits.

Some biscuits, butter and other stuff.

Still/sparking water as well as OJ.

Enough to make some potato and corn salad?  Also some cheeses.

Not much variety where sandwiches were concerned.

Another chiller with sodas and beer.

There was a work area, but only one computer.  There was free WIFI throughout the lounge.

A view of the lounge from the work station area.

Bar counter.

These were mints.

Assorted magazines.

After some food, I headed back to the T3 transit area to do some last-minute shopping and to stretch the legs, before heading to the plane.

The gate for SQ was a good 15 minute brisk walk or 20 minute casual walk from the main shopping area.  On the way, I managed to catch this picture of a Thai B-747.  Rather cool.

SQ 321 scheduled to depart at 22:05.  Time was 21:07.

Signage at the gate.

Once boarding started, I got myself onboard.  This was the welcome drink, champagne.

Stretching the legs.  I was still in Business garb.  No time to change. Had been up since 5am and worked and had meetings throughout the day.  We checked out of our hotel this morning, went for our business meetings, went back to the hotel to pick up the luggage, took the private transport to Heathrow, checked-in and finally we are on our way home.

Just a pillow.

Singapore Airlines has 105 aircraft in its fleet and we have one of the youngest fleets in the world.   It has always been a business strategy of SIA to operate young and fuel efficient planes.  This is also one reason why SIA is selling away the A340-500 planes.  Those 4-engine long-range Airbus planes have become very fuel inefficient by current standards.  The planes are also about a decade old.  By comparison, British Airway's fleet average age is 13 years.

I hadn't realised that the A380 had so many slides.

Some warm nuts with the welcome drink after take-off.

I got the Singapore Sling, as usual.

Table set up for meal service.  Supper time!

It was the parma ham and salad dish.  Same dish as I had on my way to London.  Honestly, I didn't care much for this dish, so I definitely didn't finish it.  I was still rather full from my Nasi Lemak!

The garlic bread was good though.   The reading light is shining on the dinner plate, that's why the bread plate is in the shadow.  I take all these photographs without flash, otherwise I would be disturbing the neighbours.

That's my main course, the 'Cantonese Duck with Rice", a 'Book the Cook' selection.

Another view of the Duck.  The dish wasn't bad, but I had very good Duck in London Chinatown.

The cheesecake dessert, which was very yummy.

After dinner chocolates.

This was my mid-flight snack of noodles.  I had slept for while by then.

Loved the red chillis.  Very Singaporean.

I took the opportunity to try this very sweet wine.  It was way too sweet for me.  At least I know what it tastes like!

Looks like we are just leaving the Indian sub-continent.  3.5 hours to Singapore.

Time for some fun pictures.  That is the King and his foot soldiers standing on the arm rest of the seat, looking down at the Dark Knight.

A view of the same from further away.  This is the lie-flat bed.

Quite cool, I thought.

Now, the 4 of them taking a nap, while I perform guard duties.

Nice sleeping formation.

Now it was my turn to rest on my seat.  There's the King.

King and his 2 soldiers.

Close-up view.

Second Meal Service

Breakfast time.  Selection of fruits.

Halfway through the fruits.

I asked for a Cappucino.

And the King came along to check it out too.

I had some cereal.  It was rather nice, though very filling.

The King wanted some breakfast?  LoL.

This was the main course, not too bad.  It went well with the chilli sauce.

This picture shows the power sockets and 2 USB ports.

Thanks for viewing!

Check out my review of SQ 322 Singapore to London.

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