Saturday, May 25, 2019

Mount Hua Shan Tourists Quarrelling at Famous South Peak Mount Hua Lun Jian 华山论剑 吵架 Plus Cable Car up West Peak

We finally arrived at the famous South peak (highest peak) of Mount Hua! There was a beautiful stone here Hua Shan Lun Jian - the place where Kung fu masters gathered to display their sword prowess. We were patiently in line to take our photos with the stone tablet and a huge argument started erupt between the two tour groups. What a din!!

At one stage, one group decided to block the entire stone, holding up everybody else. It was quite chaotic for a bit and I wondered if they would start fighting. Watch the action in this video! It may well be the first ever video on YouTube Of Chinese domestic tourists quarrelling at the peak of the famous Mount Hua Shan. Chill people!!  You were wasting everybody's time!

Roller Coaster on Hua Shan 华山?
What else did I see at Hua Shan?  Well, there was the unexpected Chair Lift upwards cum Roller Coaster downwards ride too!  Look at how much fun we had!

[Spectacular!!] Cable Car Ride up to West Peak
The most spectacular (and scary) cable car ride I've had in my life so far.....

Full ride! West peak cable car up to the famous Mount Huashan Of China, near the city of Xi’An. Getting up the mountain required so many transfers and it was rather expensive by Chinese standards. But the views were awesome. This must be the most scenic and exhilarating cable car ride in my life, so far. Not to be confused with the North Peak cable car, the West Peak cable car is relatively new, which started operations on 1 April 2013. The cost is 140 RMB (approx 20 USD) each way.

 We decided to take the cable car up the West peak as it would be the easiest way to go to the South peak (which is the highest). Getting to the West Peak base station itself was a long ride! We took a High Speed rail in the morning from Xi'An North station to Hua Shan North station. From there, we took a taxi to the Hua Shan Visitor center. After entering, the visitor center, we still had to take a Tourism bus to the base station for West Peak, and that bus ride alone was 40 minutes. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as we go up Hua Shan.

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