Saturday, March 2, 2019

Breadtalk Breads Compilation

Matcha Red Bean Breadtalk Singapore. 

 The description for this bread was very alluring - "the delightful swirls of macha-infused dough paired with red beans from Taiwan are a matcha made in heaven!". Rather corny, whoever wrote this. One piece cost $2. I don't usually buy bread or buns from Breadtalk, but this piece was too irresistable, as I do like matcha and red bean, and I agree that putting them together is often delightful

Got the Green Tea bread from Breadtalk
$1.50. Made of Green Tea dough, butter cream, custard cream, crushed crepes. Breadtalk sells designer bread, or I think they do. Anyway, the breads were nice to look at. And I like Green Tea. So, it was good. I enjoyed this bread. It wasn't too heavy. Enjoy!

Strawberry Bread and Sausage Boat Bread

Snow White Yam Bread
Got some bread from BreadTalk. As usual, BreadTalk is always innovating and coming up with new bread concoctions. Today, I try the Snow White Yam. The description was as follows: "the snow white bun features tasty homemade yam paste and Taiwanese yam wrapped in a moist and chewy white dough."

Cornbread from Breadtalk

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