Sunday, October 29, 2017

MSC Preziosa Yacht Club 7 Gorgeous Dinners! 2015

We sailed on the MSC Preziosa in 2015, out of Genoa.  In this blog post, I put the movie links to the 7 gorgeous dinners we had in the Suite restaurant, dedicated to Yacht Club guests.  It was a most awesome experience!

Day 1 - The theme was Mediterranean Flavours & Savours.  This was the first of seven dinners and it was awesome!  Notice that the drinks list changed every day too.  Awesome!

Day 2 - This was a Tex Mex dinner. I had prawn cocktail to start.  There was seafood pasta.  I had the Tex Mex meat dish for the main.  Enjoyed both white and red wines, and plenty of desserts too!

Day 3 - Gala dinner, which came with a gold coloured menu.  The white wine was the Grillo 2012, which was super easy to drink!  I had the escargot, family member had the scallop. Rock lobster bisque was very good too.  My main was the beef fillet, and it went superbly with the red wine!  Desserts were very good as usual.  So much good food.  Thank God for the feasts!

Day 4 - Tonight was Italian Flavours.   The main course had beef too!  Overall, the cooking was good.

Day 5 - Dinner, while ship was in Malta.  They had some Dim Sum starter, which was, well... at least they tried.  Again, a very good dinner.  Care for some duck?

Day 6 - Our second gala dinner.  This time, we got some lobster!  Delicious!  Gala dinner again, with a beautiful gold menu.  Grilled oysters to start, cannelloni, Terrine of duck foie gras, and lobster tail! And plenty of beautiful desserts (as usual).  MMmmmmm!!

Day 7 - Final dinner before disembarkation.  Sob sob.  Excellent service from our waiter over the past 7 evenings.  Rack of lamb!  The last night, so I got drunk on the white wine (Chardonnay).  It was very addictive.  But if you are going to get drunk, remember, don't drive.  Sail instead!

Wonderful food on a wonderful cruise!
Till we cruise again.

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