Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Vietnamese Ao Dai National Costume Documentary Figure Hugging

Flew on Vietnam Airlines long-haul (Singapore-HCM-London) return and had some time to watch the movies in their in-flight entertainment system. This documentary on the history of the Vietnamese Ao Dai caught my attention. It is definitely a traditional costume of Vietnam, and super figure hugging too!

Very charming, this model.  Ao Dai is a traditional costume that covers everything, yet covers nothing.

Ao Dai, welcomed by the women at that time.

Here is the full video. Only on board Vietnam Airlines.

Here are some more pictures of the Vietnamese Ao Dai, taken from the internet.

And some more.  Very elegant.

A modern (sleeveless) version of the Ao Dai.  Still unmistakably Ao Dai.
Thanks for watching!

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