Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chinese Lunar New Year 2017 Year of Rooster Cool Videos

2017 marks the Year of the Rooster, according to the Chinese Zodiac.  What struck me was the many varied Rooster animations and videos sent around on the social media.  I think the Rooster and all the crowing lends itself very well to these fantastic animations.  Here is a collection of some.

We start with a short video.  As usual, the Rooster crows at the start, and a bunch of them starts to do some type of catchy dance.  Watch out for the Rooster in cool dark sunglasses swaggering along.  Very funny.

Now, this video talks about the virtues of how to succeed in 2017. Virtues include patience, hard work, alertness... the usual stuff but the animation makes it fun to watch.

Oh McDonald Had A Rooster!
Oh McDonald had a farm Rooster song is downright hilarious. I had a good laugh watching this, and frankly, I watched this many times. A mixture of East and West often hits the right spot with me. sd

Many Well Wishes New Year Video
A more traditional type of Chinese New Year video, saying all the nice things, well wishes and the like. It gets boring after a while though.

Hip Rooster Band Video
Now, this Rooster Band is way more hip. Roosters are natural pop stars, as this video shows you why. The animation is very cool, I like it.

The compilation of foreign leaders sending Chinese New Year greetings is nice.  Leaders featured included Donald Trump, Theresa May & Rodrigo Duterte.

Robots Taking Over the World!
Not so much a song, but some robot calligraphy. Felt a bit ominous watching this. Robots taking over the world soon?

Malaysian Airlines Awesome Lunar New Year 2017 Video
Finally, the best of the best Lunar New Year video for 2017? Ironically, nothing to do with Roosters. Rather, it was this amazing, mind-blowing video from Malaysian Airlines showcasing the Malaysian people - it was truly a picture of racial harmony! Non Chinese, speaking Mandarin and other Chinese dialects fluently! Hats off!

So, which was your favourite?  Or do you have a favourite that I am not aware of?  Please let me know. Blessed Lunar New Year to everybody.  Have you received it yet?

Lunar New Year 2017 Blessings!!


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