Friday, December 2, 2016

Ms Aung San Suu Kyi Visit Singapore Local Market Ghim Moh plus Food Videos

A rare visit by a famous foreign dignitary to our very own local Ghim Moh Market!  This famous person was none other than Ms Aung San Suu Kyi, who was in Singapore for an official visit at the invitation of our Prime Minister.   This morning, she visited the Ghim Moh Market and even had breakfast, featuring local delights, at the food centre!  I was there for my normal breakfast when I spotted this large group of people (including media), gathered at the drop-off point at the nearby HDB estate, waiting for some VIP to arrive.   What a treat to see Ms Aung at such close range.  Awesome!

Now, what so great about Ghim Moh Food Center?  Well, it is an awesome place to get food!  Here let me post some videos.  First, how about some prawn noodles?  Yes, prawn noodles, dry.

Next, let's check out some hot and fluffy pancakes from Granny's pancakes. Very nice to eat, but surely high in calories too.

Care for some delicious carrot cake? It is an awesome place to get carrot cake and many other dishes too.

And some noodles, or Mee Pok Dry. I patronize this store often. It is very nice.


Won-ton Noodles - Kong Shang Hua - this is my favourite store for Won-Ton noodles at Ghim Moh Cooked Food Center.

Let's check out the Braised Duck Rice store, which operates during lunch, and is right next to the Kong Shang Hua Won-Ton noodles store. Also very nice!

Care for some famous Chwee Kueh? This uncle has been selling Chwee Kueh for decades. He is certainly getting on in age, but his store continues to be very popular. Try some, before he retires!

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