Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kevryn Lim Artistic Poses, National Solidarity Party, Singapore

This girl is now famous because she is expected to run for Parliament, with the National Solidarity Party. Many reports about her all over the media and many comments about her all over the Internet. 

With the Elections loomming, more and more people will know this name and face, called Kevryn Lim. What is very interesting about this girl is her previous life. She was (or is) a part-time model. There are many pictures of her modelling career all over the Internet. Here are some, put together in video form, for easy viewing.


The feather model display is quite artistic. This photographer is good.  The photos are very unique, and Kevryn has a blue feather covering her eye, plus feathers covering her body.  

This girl has been modelling from a very young age!

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