Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bukit Batok Coffee Shop Po Piah, Chicken Rice (halal), West Mall videos

This Po Piah store is at a coffee shop near the Bukit Batok Bus Interchange.  Plenty of good food in Singapore and this humble coffee shop is no exception.  Instead of dining at the West Mall food court (which is air-conditioned), I prefer to come here for a more rustic feel and of course, cheaper prices!

The Po Piah store is very popular. It is a one-woman show and the aunty works very hard to make po piahs that are delightfully crunchy and tasty.  Wonderful and healthy snack, to go with a hot or cold drink.

Sitting down at a table, waiting for my popiah order, watching the world go by.  There was this tall Caucasian lady who ordered 4 rolls of popiah.  Each popiah is hand-made, so we have to wait a bit when there are crowds.  

In the same coffee shop, there is a halal chicken rice store.  I have tried it once and the taste is pretty good.  I would eat there again if I wanted a heavier meal.  Yummy chicken rice!

The same coffeeshop, this time I tried the won-ton noodles. Nothing much to shout about, just mediocre. Not really recommended.

Here are some videos I made of West Mall (located right beside the Bukit Batok MRT station). In this video, I walk around West Mall.

Another video of walking around, this time I go outside to the main roads.

Looking at the exhibition in West Mall. Thanks for watching my videos!

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