Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ocean Park Hong Kong Part 2 - Penguins, Walruses, Lunch, Roller Coaster

We continue from Part 1.

After the amusement rides, we headed into the South Pole Spectacular.  I wasn't entirely sure what we would be seeing, but the exhibit looked large from the outside.

There were no lines and we headed straight in.  This was to be an Antartica exhibit.  The air-conditioning was a welcome change to the hot weather outside.
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Pretty neat.  The penguins were all very playful, much to the appreciation of the human visitors.
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This exhibit was well worth a visit.  In fact, it was one of the highlights of our visit to Ocean Park. We got to see Penguins, pretty up close.  What else did we see?  These huge creatures in the video below, I think they were Walruses!  Better still, the Walruses were putting up a performance for us to watch.  I think they must be very playful creatures.  And looking at their enormous size, they must be very well fed!

After the cool respite, it was time to move on.  Before we had lunch, we tried the Ocean Express.  It looked like a ride but it turned out to be a people-mover with two stops, one at the Summit and the other at the Entrance.  We sat the Ocean Express to the Entrance and then took it back up to the Summit against.  If the cable cars are full, you should consider using the People Mover.  Much faster.

Here is a video from the cabin.  Almost empty.

It was time for some food.  We headed to the Bayview Cafe, which was next to the Cable Car station at the Summit.  The food prices here were rather expensive, but we needed some food for the kids. We ended up getting two kids' combos. See the video.

Thankfully, we went to the restaurant early.  It quickly filled up.  Given the cost of the meals, I didn't feel like eating! (Seriously).  We had some buns with us (brought them in with plain water) so the adults ate those instead.  Anyway, the plan was to head to Central for a Dim Sum dinner at Tim Ho Wan, so we could go without food for a while.

After lunch, our next ride was to take this Ocean Park Tower.  This is a safe, easy-to-do, very comfortable ride that brought you high up into the sky and you could get very good views of the Park, in air-conditioned comfort.  Check out the video,  which also shows us taking a long flight of escalators down to another part of the theme park, where there was some roller coaster which my kids took.

Along the way to the escalators, we found a Boardwalk cafe.  The food looked a bit cheaper compared to the Bayview Cafe.  Example, Roasted Pork with rice combo was HK $108.  However, the place was not air-conditioned, so it could get rather warm.  We saw many school kids eating there, probably as part of a school excursion.
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The roller coaster in the video above was called Mine Train.  The kids enjoyed it but the adults refrained.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The day was turning out to be rather busy, with many things to see and do.  This review continues in Part 3, follow me!

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