Sunday, April 19, 2015

Macau - Lord Stow's Portugese Egg Tart, Macau Galaxy Tsui Wah, Street Performance plus Bus Ride

Continued from Part 1.

While walking around the Venetian Shoppes, we came across the famous Lord Stow's Portugese Egg Tarts.  I had read about these egg tarts and was happy to find an outlet so that I could try one.

The outlet wasn't too difficult to find, tucked away at a corner.  It was crowded!  There were lines and people also bought coffee.  Egg Tarts were 10 MOP per piece.  I took a video of the staff preparing egg tarts.  The egg tarts were freshly prepared and served piping hot.  Taste-wise, they were good, but I don't think they were that fantastic.  The quality of Portugese egg tarts in Singapore is pretty good too.

After a while, the kids didn't want to walk around any more.  They wanted to camp in the hotel room to play with their toys (fake Lego figurines).  Neither did they want to go to the old Macau city center. So we had to bring them back to the Holiday Inn first.  It was late afternoon and looking outside, there was a bit of fog. So, we decided to leave the city center for another time.

The adults went to explore some more.  We found our way to the complimentary shuttle that would bring us to Macau Galaxy and later, we would bring our kids there for dinner at Tsui Wah.  This video shows you what we had for dinner.  Prices were definitely higher here than in Hong Kong.

At Macau Galaxy, there were these street performances which I thought were cool.  The dancers must have done this hundreds or thousands of times by now, but still fun for me to watch.   They would appear unannounced and start dancing.

Now head on to the next part for Shrekfast and our trip back to Hong Kong with Cotai Waterjet.

Thanks for watching.

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