Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Canadian Gunman and New York Hatchet Man - What they have in common

Canadian Gunman led a troubled life.  He was a loner, a drug addict, a criminal, a drifter and lately, an Islamic radical.  He may have embraced religion as an attempt to 'scaffold a disintegrating life.' So far, the authorities have not found any accomplices, which is a relief.

In a similar vein, the New York hatchet man was a 'depressed recluse'.  Family members said he spent much of his time on his computer in his bedroom.  He was not married, had no children and no recent employment.  He was arrested 6 times in California in 2003-04.  He spent 3 years in the military but was involuntarily discharged in 2003, most likely due to drugs.

While it is a relief that there appears to be no larger group at work here, still the issue of the self-radicalised, lone wolf, has grown to be a significant threat.  This can happen anywhere and all societies should be prepared for this.

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