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Are JianHao and Naomi Together? (Singapore Youtube Sensations)

JianHao and Naomi are Singapore Youtube Sensations.  Their respective Youtube channels can be found here and here.

This opinion piece, which is purely my speculative opinion, will deal with the issue of whether JianHao and Naomi are together.  This question has intrigued many views of their respective channels, and was even addressed by Naomi in an obtuse way in this Q&A video.

Naomi answers many questions from her fans. 
Naomi and JianHao are Not Together
That would be my punchline.  I think they are good buddies, good friends, but based on the joint videos so far, I would still speculate that they are NOT together.  The rest of this blog post will go into further details on why I think this is the case.

Cheeky Ending
The most cheeky ending of Naomi's Q&A video seem to suggest that they are together.  Why else would JianHao rush out and hug Naomi by the waist when she tried to answer this question?

JianHao giving Naomi a waist hug
But to me, this cheeky ending led me to smell a rat. Here are the reasons why.

Naomi answers questions directly
1. Naomi answered many questions directly and even courageously.  I appreciate her honesty in answering the question on her virginity.  Hence, I did not think that it was like her to shy away from this question.  If she were together with him, she would give us a straight answer.

Cheeky waist hug has entertainment value
2. But why the cheeky hug at the end?  Well, this is entertainment in the social media.  Fun to do such a thing and seem to imply that they are together, when they are actually not.

Which boyfriend hugs his girlfriend like that anyway?
3. This part is purely my opinion, but I don't think guys will charge in to grab their girlfriends by the waist like this.  It just looks, strange.

Alright, so based on this video, I came to some kind of conclusion.  However I decided to view JianHao's latest video to see if I can find other clues.  I'd be first to admit that this part is a bit more touchy-feely, based on what I can see and sense from the video.  So, take it with a pinch of salt.

Proposal was weak and insincere
In this scene, I did not find the proposal by JianHao to Naomi to get attached to be very sincere. From what I can tell in all his other videos, JianHao is a pretty good actor.  Hence, to me, it was quite telling that his proposal was kinda weak. Maybe deliberately so, I am not sure.
A weak proposal.

No love vibes
Again, in this scene, I did not get the vibes that JianHao was in love with Naomi.  In fact, he looked rather lacklustre.  Naomi, on the other hand, pulled it off quite well.
Not very convincing either. 

No love vibes, again
Now, this was a good scene.  The couple looked very relaxed and they were clearly enjoying each other's company. Yet, beyond this comfort with each other, I don't detect sufficient attraction and love in their body language.  Good pals, yes.  Lovers, not really.
They are good buddies, no doubt about that. 

A painfully embarrassing jibe 
In this scene, JianHao was making fun of Naomi's fart to Watermelon Head.  I found it rather painful. Funny, yes, but painful.  No boyfriend would shame his girlfriend like that, even if they were told to act in a Youtube movie.  But JianHao could carry this off most easily, simply because they are not a couple.  Just acting out a script.   I found this a trend in other parts of the video where JianHao was making fun of Naomi.
Oh, this is really mean.
Naomi may not be attracted to JianHao
I think JianHao is not the type of guy that Naomi is attracted to.  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with JianHao.  Rather, it is Naomi's preference for the type of guy.  I guess that Naomi is looking for a slightly older and maybe even more boring type of guy , all of which would complement her bubbly personality.

In conclusion, I think JianHao has probably another lady that he loves.  It shows in his acting.  He won't be able to demonstrate to Naomi the type of love he shows his true love.

In all likelihood, Naomi is single.

Guys, there is hope for you.  But remember, she is looking for men with substance.

Thanks for reading.

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