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Saveur French Eatery - Purvis Street French (

Our family decided to try Saveur for lunch on New Year's Day, 2014.

Saveur ( prides itself for quality yet affordable French food for the masses.  So, don't expect a romantic or quiet experience here.  Instead, it was crowded!  I quote from their website:

"The casual chic restaurant with its minimalist, monochromatic design and mood lightings create a warm and cosy ambiance, makes it an ideal venue for friends or couples to meet up for a hearty meal."

Compared to the many eateries on Purvis and Seah street on New Year's Day afternoon, Saveur stood out for being almost full.   The following pictures would give you a good idea where the restaurant is located. The building is painted yellow so it is easy to identify.  You can see the Saveur logo, which is a duck.

That is the yellow shophouse building, dwarfed by the National Library Board.

This is the entrance.  #01-04.   Saveur is pronounced [sah-vere].  Saveur means flavour, in French of course.

Opening hours:
Lunch: 1200 - 1415
Dinner: 1800 - 2115
No Reservations!

Another picture of the entrance to Saveur.

Upon entering, I noticed this award.

There was this queue machine that wasn't in use.  I hear that there are long queues on normal days.

A picture of a page in the menu, where the Bible is quoted.

An advertisement for chefs, waiters/waitresses and supervisors.

 We were quickly seated.  A quick picture from my table.   It was a very busy lunch hour, for a public holiday!  Looks like their business is doing well.  You can refer to the website for their menu.

We ordered the soft rolls, one serving like this for $2.  The rolls came warm and they were very good.

This was the Confit of Duck.  On first glance, it does look very appetizing, but it turned out to be the best dish in terms of taste.

 This was the Beef Burguigon. The salad had a fiery taste!  The beef was a bit tough, but decent.

 This was the sea bass.  Normal, in my opinion.

 This was the Chicken, on a bed of rice.  Very tasty, not bad.

 We only ordered 1 appetizer, the pasta.  It was tasty and the portion was of a good size.  The red things were shrimps.

This was the bill.  It came up to $81.80.  I also had a glass of red wine (Portugese wine).  The wine was decent, though the size of pour was a bit small.

Overall, it was a good lunch.  The quality of food was good, and the price was reasonable.  I can see why this place is so popular!

Disclaimer:  This meal at Saveur was NOT a sponsored meal.  The views expressed above are my personal views.  I used my iPhone5S to take the photographs, without any image editing. So, what you see is what you get.

Safe travels!

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