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Hobart, Tasmania - Voyager of the Seas Cruise Dec 2012 Day 3 - Part 2 Doo-Lishus Truck, Tasmans Arch, Devil's Kitchen,Dinner on board

Visit to Tasmania continued..

We left Port Arthur at about 1:30pm and started to head back towards Hobart.  On the way back, we would pass Eaglehawk Neck. (In fact, we had to pass through Eaglehawk Neck on the way to Port Arthur).  Eaglehawk Neck is a narrow isthmus connecting mainland Tasmania to the Tasman Peninsula.

The isthmus is around 400M long and under 30M wide at its narrowest point.  According to wiki, a line of dogs was chained to posts across the neck to warn of any convicts who may attempt to escape the prison at Port Arthur, i.e. the dogs will bark if and when any convicts tried to cross.  That said, there were still many attempts made by prisoners to escape.

There was a turn into Blowhole Road . We would be going to look for some natural geographical wonders!

These were taken along Blowhole Road.  Some of these houses looked really quaint.

This was called Rum Doo!

We came to this turning for C 338 - Tasmans Arch and Devils Kitchen.  We would go there later.  First, we drive straight on to look for a certain vehicle.

We found it!  Right at the end of the road, where you could drive no further, there was a truck. We had read about this truck and wondered if we would it today.

This was the famous Doo-lishus Truck, apparently a local legend.  Berry Doo-Light for $5 AUD.

You can see the sign on top of the truck - DOO-LISHUS FRESH SEAFOOD.

This sign said Doo-Lishus Icecream.

We had read many rave reviews about the food available at this truck, including how fresh and delicious their seafood was.  This shows their menu.

Another angle of the truck.

And the signs, written on a blackboard with coloured chalk.  Rabbit pies?

We weren't the only people at the truck this afternoon. Shortly after we arrived, a tour coach pulled up.  For today, it turned out that we weren't feeling hungry.  So we didn't try any seafood.  We bought a yogurt dessert which was just ok.  But later on, we figured that overall we weren't hungry because we have been feasting on the ship!

This was the end of the Blowhole Road, where the Doo-Lishus truck was located.  You can see the tour coach on the right side.

There were some views here too.

Alright, after a 15 minute stop, it was time to drive to the Tasmans Arch.  Recall the turnoff earlier.  We would head back to that junction.  The place was well-signposted and ample free parking.  This was the Tasmans Arch.

Another view of the Tasmans Arch.

A description of how the Tasmans Arch was formed.  Tasmans Arch is what's left of the roof of a large sea cave.

Interesting geological formation.

There are these signs at the parking lot.  15mins (walk) return.

We could walk to the Lookout or go to the Devils Kitchen.  Since we came all the way here, we did both.

Some pictures from the lookout.

After that, we walk on to the Devil's Kitchen.

Here we are.  From a humble cave to a great gulch.

What's the plant blocking my view?

Looking down...

Did somebody cut through the rock with a knife?

Sorry, we weren't going down there today.


Alright, that was our short detour.  If we had more time, I would have gone to the Tessellated Pavement. However, the kids were getting tired, and we didn't have that much time, and we were still more than 70km from Hobart.  Therefore, I decided we should just head back to Hobart.   It turned out that we had some time so we stopped for about 30 minutes at a large supermarket at Sorrel where we bought some bottled water.  Also, I had to top up the fuel tank before reaching Hobart.

See the receipt.  The Diesel fuel cost $32.14.  I put in 20.88L.  Date, 10th Dec 2012.  Time, 1630.

Some pictures of the drive into Hobart.

There's the ship!  Good, she was still in port.  Don't leave without us!

The beautiful Voyager of the Seas.

Fortunately, it was very easy to find the car rental place.  Since I didn't have a GPS, I gave myself more time to get lost in Hobart City, just in case I couldn't find the car rental company!! I can't just ditch the car somewhere and rush back to the ship, could I?

Returning the car was pretty easy.  We were quite early as their garage was almost empty.  Most of the cars hadn't returned yet.  Oh well, better early than miss the ship.

So we had the time to take a leisurely stroll back to the ship. Crossing the road here.

Quite a number of private boats.

It didn't take us long to walk back.  It was an easy walk and we couldn't get lost since the ship could be seen from quite far off.  She may have been the tallest man-made object around.

We could almost see our aft cabin from here.

I like this picture very much.  It gives a very good perspective of just how big this ship is, relative to a human-being.  That said, no matter how big a ship Man can built, the ship will still rock and roll during bad weather.  Needless to say, she won't be able to withstand a Tsunami either.

Here are some pictures of the Main Dining Room dinner that evening, on the Voyager of the Seas. We love to cruise because we never have to worry about the food.  You could eat all you want, and if you didn't like the starter or the main or the dessert, you could always asked to have it switched.  The servers usually try to please.  As I alluded to earlier, we eat very little when we go on shore excursions because we are usually very full!

A fruit salad, probably for my kid.

Oh yes, I remember the Michelob Ultra.  This isn't available in Singapore.  The cost of this beer was USD6.

I think this was the crab caked.  It looks really good!

The fish - Grilled Filet of Australian Trevally.

Slow-Roasted Pork Loin.  Hearty serving.

Prawn Gyoza.

This looked an Asian dish.   It was the beef stroganoff.  I recall the taste was very good.

Now, desserts.

Cookies of the day.  Sugar loading!

This was the delicious Berrymisu.

With a piece of chocolate.

What was this?  Orange-Chocolate Parfait, I think.

Sugar free coconut slice.

Ship was sailing.  It was still very bright.

This plaque commemorates Voyager of the Seas inaugural call to Singapore - 28 May 2012.

Voyager's inaugural visit - 13 November 2012.  This was a new port to the Voyager.

The next few days, we would be at sea, as the ship would be sailing to New Zealand!! The next time we get off the ship would be Dunedin.  Before that, we would sail through the Sounds of New Zealand.  Very exciting!

The time was 20:37 and we left Hobart a while ago.  We were sailing at 17.6knots.  There was a lot of distance to cover.  We would spend the next 2 days at sea before arriving at Milford Sounds.

The crowded theatre that evening.  I think there was a Production Show.

This marks the end of our wonderful day at Hobart.

Continue on to my posts on the New Zealand Sounds..

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