Sunday, June 15, 2014

Singapore Airlines - Flight SQ 308 to London (Economy Class)

Singapore Airlines Flight to London
SQ 308 Singapore to London Heathrow
0905 Hours departure

It was an exciting morning. We were going to the UK!  We would be flying to London before making a transfer to Southampton and staying for one night, before boarding the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas from Southampton on a 13 Night cruise to Iceland and Norway.

Video of the SQ Flight Experience

Pictures from the Flight
Here are some pictures. Singapore Airlines operates mostly from Terminal 3 at Singapore Changi.  The check-in counters were rather busy and the ground staff re-directed us to use the Krisflyer Elite Gold check-in area, even though we were not Krisflyer Elite Gold.

Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Hall

This was after immigration.  I spotted this play area for kids.

This was at the boarding gate.

Boarding was smooth.  Economy class cabin seats.  It was going to be a long flight (13 Hrs).

In the air, flying along Peninsula Malaysia.

The first meal, breakfast.  It was good.

Noodles with shrimp dumpling.

Loved the green chillis.  Very Singaporean.

Time for the oat clusters, with chocolate and long life milk.

Breakfast was over and cabin lights were dimmed.  As this was a day flight, most people were not sleeping. Watching movies was the norm.  In between the first and second meal, I asked for a sandwich and drink - Singapore Sling!

This was the sandwich.

It was tasted, some beef I think.

Where were we?  Over India. Still more than 8 hours to go.

It was time for the second meal service.  Rather quick.

Pre-meal drinks.  I asked for a beer.

The Child's Meal was delivered first, as usual.  This time, it was nuggets.

With plenty of junk food!!  Hello Panda!

My meal, for the adults.

Appetizer, tasted ok.  Notice that I ate up my hot food first.

Heading to London, arriving in 45 minutes.

Landing was uneventful, which was good.  We were promptly met by our ride to Southampton.  This photo was taken as we were leaving the parking terminal.

The M3, to Southampton.

This is the company we used - Smiths for Airports.

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