Friday, June 20, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Days 2-3 Sea Day Lunch (Iceland and Norway cruise)

On Day 2 and 3 of our Adventure of the Seas cruise, we had lunch in the Main Dining Room.  I think these were the only 2 days we had MDR lunch.  For all other lunches, they were in the Windjammer, or on shoreside.

Well, MDR lunches are not available on non sea days.

Getting closer to Iceland.  This place is really far away from the rest of the world, and really North.

This was the menu for sea day MDR Lunch on Day 2.  This menu was very familiar as we had it before in earlier cruises.

Video of Tutti Frutti Salad Bar

The Tutti Frutti salad bar, a crowd favourite.

Bread slices were available.

Here was my salad.

The Captain's Table, laid out for decoration.  Nobody would sit here for lunch.

My freshly tossed salad, with many shrimp.

Too many shrimp.  Haha.

The Royal Beef burger.

I think this was the chicken sliders.

Fish Enchilada.

The Barramundi Fish on Rice.  This was good.  I think this is my favorite dish from lunch.

Video of my favorite dish

Warm Cherry Custard Crepes

Caramelized Banana Millie Fueillie or something like that.

Almond Polenta Cake.

Digging into the Crepes.  Yum.

MDR Lunch on Day 3
I forgot to take a picture of the menu.  I recall it was another familiar menu.  Oh well.

The salmon.

Some chicken, was it turkish chicken wrap?

Western style 'curry puff', that is what we call this.

Some pasta.

The Beef Burger - Again!

Yes, this was filled with chicken.  It tasted good.

The breads, not that we ate them.  Too much food!


All very yummy!!

Lunch in the MDR is a leisurely affair.  There were lines though.  Many passengers went early and lines formed even before the doors opened.

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