Friday, June 20, 2014

Adventure of the Seas - Giovanni's Table Dinner

We dined at Giovanni's Table for dinner on Day 3 of the cruise.   The speciality restaurant is located beside Windjammer.  I think it used to be Portofino.  This was our first time at Giovanni's.  We made a reservation for 6:30pm.

Our dinner lasted a long time.  It took more than 3 hours to complete, even though we wanted the dishes served faster, it was not possible because the restaurant was too crowded.  The dinner took so long that both my kids fell asleep on their chairs.  The head waiter was apologetic and waived their charges (US$10/kid), so my kids ate free.  At least he recognized that we had to wait a long, long time for our food.

The menu

The cheese table, on our way in.

The chefs, hard at work.  They would be very busy that evening, as the restaurant was very full.

The machine to cut the carpaccio.

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip.

What was this?  I can't remember.  Baked eggplant or something.

Starter - Carpaccio.  Very Italian.

Starter - scallops.   They were very good.


The restaurant didn't look very full.  But we were told that the chefs were very busy and couldn't produce the food quickly enough.

Some soup.

Seafood soup.  Tasted very good.

This was my steak.

Chicken, if I recall correctly.

Pasta, to share.

A closer look at the steak.

Definitely more than enough steak for me.

Jumbo shrimp.

Another pasta to share, this time cream-based.

Oh, there goes the jumbo shrimp.

A lot, a lot of food.

Time for desserts.  They pushed the dessert cart over for us to make our selections.

Tiramisu, very nice.

Can't recall what this was.

But it tasted good too.

Almost 10pm.

Wait-time aside, the food was good.  For a cover charge of US$20, I think it is worth to dine here at least once during a cruise.  I would dine at Giovanni's again.

Happy travels!

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