Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Iceland & Norway Cruise Day 1 - Main Dining Room Dinner

Adventure of the Seas
Main Dining Room - Day 1 Dinner

This was the first time we were trying out the new menus on Royal.  I know that these menus have been introduced fleet-wide for some time now, but our last Royal Caribbean cruise was in March 2013 on the Legend of the Seas.

The theme this evening was Mojo!

Caribbean inspired.

The starters and main courses here.

Every night, there is a chef's inspiration.

This was the smoked fish rillette.  Very tasty.

The smoked fish rillette before I tucked in.

A short video of the Smoked Fish Rillette

The soup - aromatic asian coconut seafood soup.  Very tasty too!

Escargots were available every night now.  Wonderful.

Coming to the mains, this was the beef - Carved Roasted Beef Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding.  My kids asked - "what is Yorkshire Pudding?"  Quite funny.

The Asparagus, Peas, Crab spaghetti.  Very good too.

A slightly closer look.

Short video of the seafood spaghetti

This must be the Crusted fillet of Atlantic Salmon.

Portions are of a very good size.  Needless to say, we ate too much during this cruise (and every cruise).

Desserts - we love desserts and we found the desserts on the Celebrity Silhouette cruise not to our liking. So we were happy to be back on Royal!

Ice-cream.  My kids have it every night.  I understand the ice-cream comes directly from the USA.  Good stuff!  Be warned, highly addictive. (just ask the kids)

This was the blueberry peach crumble.

The Chocolate Sensation - this was available every night.

Sugar free dessert, something that Royal is very good at.

A very satisfying Day 1 meal.  Thanks for reading.

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    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. Will you be cruising anytime soon?

  2. Hi Mr Guitar,

    We will be taking the Baltic Cruise on Princess..

    Will be staying 1 night at Southampton before cruise.

    Was looking at Ibis Southampton Centre - was it very far from the shopping centres (i.e. West Quay and Marland)?
    From the map, it seemed to be very near IKEA..