Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Iceland and Norway Cruise Day 1 - Boarding

This was the first time we sailed out of Southampton, UK.  Getting to the City Cruise Terminal from Premier Inn was really very easy.  Onward to Adventure of the Seas!

Southampton is a very historic UK port.  However, this picture shows modern cruise ships.  Our taxi driver told us that more than 1 mil passengers cruise out of Southampton every year.  It would get very busy over summer.

Date - 30 May 2014.  All guests on board by 4pm.  We boarded fairly late, about 2pm. We spent the morning exploring Southampton city centre and shopping.  After all, we would have almost 3 days at sea before our first port.

The view from our aft cabin balcony, Cabin 1388.

Interesting ship.  What type of ship is she?  Almost looks like a stealth military frigate.

Cabin 1388.

The Welcome Pack.

Day 1 Cruise Compass.

We already had lunch on shore side, so this was tea, at the Windjammer.

Very nice.

We checked out what was available at Cafe Promenade.

Good stuff indeed!

Looks like somebody took almost all the pizza.

Very quickly, it was time for the muster drill.  No life jackets required.

Watching a ship sail by.

And we sail!  Goodbye Southampton.

Holiday Inn is on the right most building, see the green logo.  You could just make out the Premier Inn logo, in purple.  Ikea building on the left.  A small crowd gathered to watch the ship sail away.

On the way out of the harbour, we passed this ship.

The Azura.

Onward to Day 1 Dinner in the Main Dining Room.

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