Saturday, March 2, 2019

Breadtalk Breads Compilation

Matcha Red Bean Breadtalk Singapore. 

 The description for this bread was very alluring - "the delightful swirls of macha-infused dough paired with red beans from Taiwan are a matcha made in heaven!". Rather corny, whoever wrote this. One piece cost $2. I don't usually buy bread or buns from Breadtalk, but this piece was too irresistable, as I do like matcha and red bean, and I agree that putting them together is often delightful

Got the Green Tea bread from Breadtalk
$1.50. Made of Green Tea dough, butter cream, custard cream, crushed crepes. Breadtalk sells designer bread, or I think they do. Anyway, the breads were nice to look at. And I like Green Tea. So, it was good. I enjoyed this bread. It wasn't too heavy. Enjoy!

Strawberry Bread and Sausage Boat Bread

Snow White Yam Bread
Got some bread from BreadTalk. As usual, BreadTalk is always innovating and coming up with new bread concoctions. Today, I try the Snow White Yam. The description was as follows: "the snow white bun features tasty homemade yam paste and Taiwanese yam wrapped in a moist and chewy white dough."

Cornbread from Breadtalk

Summer Palace One Michelin Star Chef Liu Tasting Menu for Lunch

Had a gorgeous lunch at Summer Palace restaurant located in Regent's Hotel.  This is a one Michelin Star establishment, serving awesome cantonese cuisine.  Below is a video of the food I had.  This was the menu, which changed weekly.  This visit was in early 2019.

1. Dim Sum Selection 2. Braised Baby Abalone Eight Treasures Soup in Stone Pot 3. Braised Bean Gluten and Crab Meat and Garden Green 4. Sauteed Fresh Prawn with Ginger, Onion and Fried FIsh Noodles with Shredded Chicken 5. Dessert Platter

The food was good!  Very enjoyable.  At $48++/pax , it was a very reasonable price for what we got.

We also had a similar lunch back in 2017.  Food was Awesome! We had lunch at the Summer Palace restaurant, Regent Hotel singapore. We had the Chef Liu tasting menu and the food was awesome! Started with a Dim Sum Trio, followed by a hot & sour soup with fish fillets, and then beef tenderloin with veggies, lobster and vermicelli plus a dessert which was also a trio. Very good! Video below.

Thanks for watching!!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

NDP National Day 2018 Big Yawn & Other Fun Stuff

A funny moment caught on National TV.  See the video below.

Of course, who can forget the heartwarming moment.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Goals! Home United Football Club beats Ceres Negros (Philippines) to win AFC ASEAN Championship!

Goal!  Home United Football Club (HUFC), a Singapore S-League Team beats Ceres Negros 2-0 at the Jalan Besar Stadium to be crowned the AFC ASEAN Champions! This was the 2nd leg of the Finals, with the 1st leg held in the Philippines a week ago, where the teams drew 1-1.

Playing with an away goal advantage, and also on the eve of Singapore's 53rd National Day, the Home United Football Team knew that they had every reason to go for a win.  In fact, last year, they lost to the same team in the Finals, so it was also time for revenge!

Here is a video of the 2 teams doing their warmups, before kick-off, which was 7:30pm.

The first half was a bit dicey for Home United, as Ceres Negro looked to be the more confident side, creating multiple chances.  Thankfully for Home United, they couldn't convert.   Second half was far more exciting, with Home United going all out to get the first goal.  After some chances, but still no goals, the 3,000+ strong crowd was chanting "we want goal, we want goal" and we finally got it!

HUFC Shakir Hamzah scored with a beautiful header in the 62nd minute.  The ball was floated in perfectly from a corner kick.  A delight to watch and the entire stadium erupted.

The second goal came just 12 minutes later, again a header, this time by Song Ui-Young in the 72nd minute.  With 2 goals up and 18 minutes to go, the game looked to be settled, though Ceres Negros did have a couple of decent chances.

The match was over and Home United celebrate as AFC ASEAN champions!  The entire stadium broke out in singing National Day Song 'HOME'.  Brilliant.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

New Sony RX 100 VI (Mark 6) Videos and Pictures

Bought a brand new Sony RX 100 VI.  This compact camera is a very well known camera, for its quality and compactness.  I owned a Sony RX 100 II and used it for many years.  But in recent times, I used other cameras, until the RX 100 VI came out and I decided to jump back in!

I will put some of the videos and photos I have taken on this blog page, to give readers a sense of the capability of this camera.  Bear in mind, it is after all a compact camera (albeit an expensive one), so you can't expect it to perform wonders.  But I like it precisely because it is compact.

This video, taken in the Buona Vista area, shows you the zoom capability.  The RX 100 VI comes with 70mm to 200mm zoom, which is about 8.3X optical zoom.

NO ZOOM, 70mm
Here are some photos to show you the extent of the zoom.

Zoom fully deployed at 200mm.  Pretty cool isn't it?

Another test of the zoom.  NTU club in the distance
Zoom fully deployed 200mm.  You can clearly see the NTU Alumni Club signage.

Ghim Moh Market Zoom Zoom
National Day was around the corner, check out the any Singapore flags!

Singapore Flyer and Marina Mandarin.
Here are more videos of the zoom capability.

SONY RX 100 VI in low light.

Unboxing the Sony RX 100 VI

Thanks for watching!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Durian and more Durian! Let us FEAST on the King of Fruit

Let us feast on the King of Fruit! Durian season is here again. In 2018, there is a bumper crop from Malaysia.  Plentiful durian supply, and hence the price has come down.  At this store in Clementi Town Centre, the Mao Shan Wang durians were selling for $12/kg.

Here are 2 videos taken on consecutive weekends.  Business was brisk.  There were many onlookers too. Watch the guys expertly opening the durian.  Onlookers were salivating.

Another video of the same store in Clementi.

Do I eat durians?  Well, yes, but I don't buy them.  I just eat them when my fellowship group decides to do a durian party.

Yet another Durian party, this time from 2015. How time flies, we have durian parties every year! (Since durian season comes every year.)


Saturday, June 30, 2018

Day 4 - Transfer to Shanghai Marriott City Center, and the Bund!

Day 0 - Depart Singapore to Hangzhou (Scoot Airlines), Arr. Hangzhou 2135hrs
Day 1 - Hangzhou, got a driver, tour the city, including West Lake and Ling Yin Temple
Day 2 - Depart from Hangzhou to Wu Zhen (water town), and then transfer to Shanghai Courtyard Marriot near Disneyland
Day 3 - Shanghai Disneyland! (One full day)
Day 4 - Transfer to Shanghai Marriott City Center, the Bund and Hai Di Lao Dinner!
Day 5 - Private day tour to SuZhou
Day 6 - Shanghai Free & Easy
Day 7 - Home sweet Home - Shanghai to Singapore on Singapore Airlines (Business Class)

Day 4 of our 2018 China trip. After a fun day at Disneyland, and a good stay at the Shanghai Courtyard International Tourism and Resorts Zone, it was time to head to central Shanghai for the last segment of our holiday.

We hailed a taxi using the Didi app, to take us from Courtyard Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone to Marriott Shanghai City Center.  The distance was about 30km and it took us about 45 minutes to get there.  Fortunately, the highways were quite clear, though there was minor congestion closer to the City center.

Multiple Mobile Phone Array
A highlight of the journey was the taxi driver's array of mobile phones.  He had 4 facing him, plus an additional phone in this pocket!  He told me that in the past, he had 8.  Why so many?  To access all the various ride hailing apps, to snatch for business as fast as he could.   He also told me that the Apple iOS phones were a tad faster than the Android ones.  His apple phones got the notification about 1 second earlier than Andriod phones, so he used old Apple phones to snatch business.  Fascinating. In the video below, you will hear me trying to converse with the driver in my poor Mandarin.  At least he understood most of what I said, and could tell us long stories about Shanghai.

The video also shows you some of the scenes from our ride into Shanghai City Center.

Here is a picture of the driver looking at one of his phones.  This being China, the taxi drivers won't speak English.  You need know some Mandarin to be able to communicate with them.  We went by the metered fare, and the total fare came up to around 150RMB, or 23USD for a 30km ride.  Already, taxi fares in Shanghai are considered the most expensive in all of China.  For those of us who are used to taxi fares in Western countries, such a fare is still very reasonable for the distance travelled.

Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Center
We chose this hotel because of its location, near Nanjing Road.  Also, the reviews were excellent.  While not exactly the cheapest, the hotel offered a Family Suite, and we could add an additional pull-away bed so that all of us had proper bedding.   And we certainly had no regrets!  The Family Suite was awesome, as shown in the video below.  The suite had a separate living and bedroom area.  The living area could take 2 super singles, and still have room to walk around.

More pictures below of the lobby area.  It was a grand lobby.  It was also a bustling lobby.  Very busy at times, especially during the peak check-in hours.

They had 5-6 general counters opened. The line could get long, but things moved along fine.  Efficient service.

Internal water feature, next to the bar area, which served drinks and food.  Welcome to Marriott Shanghai City Center!

Walk to Huang He Road 黄河路 for Lunch
After putting our bags and washing up, we decided to take a short walk to Huang He Lu (黄河路), literal translation is Yellow River Road.  It was about a 5 minutes walk (500M) and there was plenty of local food on this street.  We headed to a famous chain called Yang’s Dumplings 小杨生煎
(, as we had read a lot of about it.

Pan-fried pork buns (生煎包)
The patrons were largely local.  Most were eating the Pan-fried pork buns (生煎包) Tasty, moist pork wrapped with half-soft, half-crispy dough, Shanghai pan-fried pork buns, traditionally served as breakfast, make a great party food.

Some food pictures.

57 RMB for Our Lunch (4 pax)
Here was the bill.  The total was 57RMB (or 9 USD) for 2 servings of Pan-fried pork buns (生煎包), 2 bowls of soup noodles, one bowl of soup and one Pepsi Cola.  That's quite a lot of food for under USD 10.  Each serving of 生煎包 came with 4 pieces and only cost 8RMB.

Dessert at McDonald's
It was a good lunch.  After that, we took a walk back to the hotel, and beside the hotel there was a McDonald's!  Time for some dessert.  We had two Sundaes which came with Fried Dough Sticks, a layered cake, and some coffee.  The fried dough sticks looked like Churros.  Well, maybe they were!  Certainly they were fried, and made of dough.  Dip it into the ice-cream, and the dessert became very filling! 

Nanjing Road Shanghai 南京路
It was time to do some walking!  It turned out that Nanjing Road was just a stone's throw away, 3 minute walk max.  Wow.  This shows you how centrally located this hotel was.  We would try to walk all the way to the Bund.   It was a very pleasant walk, and the street wasn't very crowded during this time of the day.  Very nice.

Shanghai Bund
It didn't take us very long to get to the Bund.  The viewing area was awesome!  Check it out! There was a couple taking wedding photos.  Happy marriage!For a century, the Bund has been one of the most recognizable symbols and the pride of Shanghai. The architecture along the Bund is a living museum of the colonial history of the 1800s. You've never been to Shanghai if you haven’t seen the Bund.

We took the touristy tram back, on a one-way ride, along Nanjing Road.  The cost was 5RMB per person.  Saved us a lot of walking!  Let's go!

Later that evening, we had dinner at Hai Di Lao. I spotted the restaurant by chance as we were heading back to the hotel from the Bund.  This was my first time at Hai Di Lao.  This chain has also expanded to Singapore.  Thanks for following along!