Thursday, December 19, 2013

Venice (Overnight Call) - Part 1 - Sailing in on the Celebrity Silhouette

Venice, Italy - Sailing in on the Celebrity Silhouette

Yesterday was a sea day.  Today, we arrive in Venice.  Venice was an overnight call and we were very excited! This city was historically the capital of the Republic of Venice.  Did you know that the Republic of Venice existed for more than a millenium, from 7th Century until 1797?  What glorious days those must have been!

Sailing in, early morning.  It was slightly disappointing that we were sailing in when it was still rather dark. A sail in about one hour later would have been perfect, however, who says life was perfect?  We are already so blessed to be on this cruise, so let's savour every moment.

The skies were getting a bit brighter by now and I am on my balcony on Deck 10, snapping away like crazy and hoping that the pictures would look decent, given the low light conditions.

Not too bad.

And we sail in.  We are rather close to shore.

All along the way, there was this tug boat just behind us.  It would be a disaster if the cruise ship did not follow the correct path.

Travelling slowly.

That was St Mark's Square and the Basilica. You can see the Doge Palace facing us.  And also Piazza San Marco.  We are definitely going there later today.  Let's hope it isn't flooded!

Even though it is so dark, I can see that it looks really beautiful - St Mark's square.  Look in the distance, you see snow-capped peaks.

See you later!

I later learnt - that is the entrance to the grand canal.  We would be taking a river bus (Vaporetto) through the grand canal, later this morning.

That is the Santa Maria della Salute, or simply Salute.   It was completed in 1687 and it has a very interesting (morbid) history.  See the wiki link.

Our ship was sailing slowly, giving us a grand view. That is the entrance to the Grand Canal.  No, the Silhouette can't go in there.  Don't even think about it.

We would be following the channel, to the port.

It was getting brighter now.

That looked like a luxury yacht.  Not sure who the owner was.  Again, the snow-capped peaks in the distance are fascinating.

The Tug Boat still with us.  I see a rope too.

We would be docking very soon at the cruise terminal.  We were the only cruise ship in port that day!

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