Friday, December 27, 2013

Malacca - Casa Del Rio Hotel (Part 1)

This was our short getaway to Malacca in August 2012.  We drove from Singapore via the 2nd link to Malacca and stayed in the Casa Del Rio, a 5-star boutique hotel.  This hotel has a secured carpark, making it easy to park the car.  

Upon arrival, we were asked to wait at one of these cabanas for the check in.  The water feature you see here is not the pool, rather it was a fountain.

This was a welcome sorbet.  As there were four of us, they gave us four servings.  A nice touch.

It was quite empty when we arrived.  However, we have read reviews whereby this waiting area is packed with families trying to check in.

That's the fountain.  The hotel itself is not very big.

The hotel faces the river.

Check in was quite smooth for us.  This was the bathtub.

A view of the bedroom from the bathroom.

Wife and kids checking out the bedroom.  As usual, the kids were most excited.

We got a rollaway bed for one child.  The other child had to sleep with us on the main bed.  I can't recall how much additional charge we had to pay for this bed.

My girl inspecting the bathroom.  Nice and spacious.

There was a rain shower.

It looks fragile.  In fact, they were very fragile.  So fragile that I was very afraid to use them.

The decorative wall in the room.

This was the hall and check-in area of Casa Del Rio. This hotel has fewer than 60 rooms.

The Infinity Pool.  A decent sized pool for the size of this hotel.  The metal bar separates the shallower from the deeper end.

When we got back to our room, we had this wonderful dessert Onde-Onde waiting for us.  This was a peranakan delicacy.

A closer look at the Onde Onde.

This was the menu of the bar in the hotel.  Prices here are in Malaysian Ringgit.

Just outside the hotel.  This hotel could be considered a riverfront property.

You could see the Cheng Ho replica ship museum across the river.  We would go there during our trip.

What were these for?  Burning some oils to chase away the mosquitoes!  Yes, there were many.

They look rather pretty though.

Breakfast in the hotel the next morning.  Plenty of breads to choose from.

Also lots of different types of jam.

That's my full breakfast.  Very full indeed.

Kids were also enjoying their breakfast.

When we were there, the breakfast area wasn't crowded.  Not sure whether this was low season or not.

This was my Eggs Benedict on the second morning . Very delicious too.

Now, near the hotel, about a 5 minute walk when you exit via the main entrance and turn left, there was a traditional Malaysian coffeeshop selling local cuisine.  I found this Wan Tan Mee store.

This Wan Tan mee serving for 3.50Ringgit.  It tasted fairly good. I had it for supper on two consecutive nights!  Good stuff.

This was how the coffee shop looked like.

Back to the hotel, some night pictures of the Infinity pool.

That is the Malaysian flag.  Malaysia Boleh!!

This was a nice touch, real milk for our coffee and tea.

To be continued in part 2.

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